we are a sick house

Or more accurately, my daughter is sick.  She has been stuffy and congested for a couple of days, and then just last night decided she was sick to her stomach, and then proceeded to throw up all over the place.  It was not pleasant.  Not because I am grossed out, surprisingly I have little problem with all of the normal gross things in life (well, except for maggots, that is just beyond my coping ability), instead because she is only 3 and hasn't had the flu before.  Throwing up is an entirely new realm for me as a mother, and I was so sad for her!

What do you do for your babes that are sick?  Is there some magical herbal remedy out there?  We don't typically use a lot of the normal over the counter medicine except for occasional baby motrin, so I am not entirely sure how to help her.  Do you just wait it out?

In the meantime, I will be spraying my house down with vinegar...so if you decide to come over and it smells like salad dressing, well you will know why :-)  Hope you all are healthy!


  1. I have a humidifier in my kids room. It seems to help a bit with the congestion. How lucky she made it to three without throwing up! I have been thrown up on MANY times.

  2. Feel better Ms Emma! It's so hard when the littles are sick!


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