April 16, 2012

amazing weekend!

What a wonderful weekend we had in New England!  It was absolutely gorgeous outside.  Warm, sunny, and no bugs!  Perfect weather.

I was able to get quite a lot done, which is always a good thing - and doesn't happen often enough!  I was digging in the garden and able to get peas, bok choy, spinach, and rainbow swiss chard planted.  I hope it will all grow wonderfully well, but realize it may still be a bit early to set stuff out.  I know the peas will be fine, and I can replant everything else since I still have plenty of seeds.

I dug up some day lilies right next to the side steps to our house.  The can get really unruly during the summer.  There is some type of ivy that climbs up the day lilies and makes an awful mess.  I decided the best idea was to just rip them all out.  I still have tons more in my side garden, in the front of the house, in the back of the house...in other random spots around the house, clearly they grow well where I live!  I found a couple large pieces of stone behind our one tree (and some other junk), and plan to put those where the day lilies were, then put a potted plant or a hanging plant in there somewhere.  Plus, maybe then my beautiful irises will have more of a showcase since they will be the only growing flowers right there next to the door.  I found a volunteer along the side of my house as well.  I'm not sure where a daffodil came from, but it is very pretty!

Our chickens are doing amazing.  Everyone seems to be healthy and happy.  They seemed to have doubled in size overnight, and it is crazy to see how much they change each day.

when we brought them home

We made the brooder larger as well.  They are flying about quite a bit.  I came in from playing with the kids to see them on top of the screen I thought would keep them in the box.  Apparently the couple of inches of space still open (over their feeder and water container) were enough to let them explore a bit.  Luckily none of them decided to hide.  Now I have a piece of wood covering the open part.

I am linking up with the Barn Hop today!  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is posting about!


  1. Yay for gardening! It is so funny that you are saying it may be to early to plant. It is almost too late here.

    1. I love to read about other people gardening around the country. It is insane to me that we can all have such different experiences. My aunt lives in Florida and has the most amazing grapefruit and orange trees in her backyard...what I wouldn't give for a little fresh citrus!

  2. Visiting from the Barn Hop.
    Beautiful daffs! Enjoy those chicks!

  3. It is amazing how much the chicks change. Ours our "teenagers" now and they are growing so fast it seems as if they double overnight!

  4. Your chicks are so cute!! We gave in to the elusive ducks at TSC. Now I think that tanking my family all together to any sort of shopping facility is not a wise idea. We had gone to Wendys yesterday after church to get the kids their free Frostys and have lunch. The "toy" was a preview game for Apples to Apples Jr. We enjoyed the game, so decided that we were going to hit up WalMart on the way home and buy it. In the parking lot was a couple of guys sitting in the back of their van with the hatch up and some puppies. As soon as we got out, the kids started talking about bringing one home. My husband tells them that we are not getting a dog, that we already have 3 dogs at home and we don't need another one. We stop to pet the puppies and wouldn't you know it, we left with a puppy! *sigh* She is cute, but I think I got about 2.8 minutes of sleep last night between worrying about her health, or sick dog we're taking to the vet today, and taking her out to potty! It's going to be a looooong day!

    1. Wow! Yes, I think shopping with the kiddos is questionable when animals are involved! Although, when we went to TSC my husband saw the baby ducks and wanted to get one immediately...lucky for me the guy in front of us bought the last 7 that they had, and we didn't go back :-) Puppies are definitely hard to not fall in love with though...we probably would have come home with one as well!

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Love that I get an update via your blog! Looks like today could be productive as well! Horray for an early Spring...Summer?

  6. The chicks are precious! They are messy little stinkers aren't they? We finally took some out of the brooder a couple of weeks ago. I placed my water fount on a brick to help cut down on the shavings in the water. Ha. It did help.

    I'd love for you to come over and see my chicks and coops: http://mydestinysharinghope.com/a-hop-all-about-the-girls

    Have a blessed evening!


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