Home Binders: Part One

Welcome to my series on home binders!  I hope that you find it useful.  Over the next several weeks I will be going through my home binder organization, what I use for tools to help make my home binder successful, and hopefully some useful printouts for you to incorporate into your own binder.

Have you heard of home binders?  I hadn't until right before I had Jack, about 2 years ago.  Home binders are and organizational tool to keep your household on track, and to work for your family in case of an emergency.  Being a bit of an office supplies geek, and really wanting to get a handle on my house and everyone in it, this immediately appealed to me.

There are many different ways to organize a home binder, and I think most people want to make it their own.  Over the next several weeks I hope to explain my home binder, what has and has not worked for me.  The most important part of a home binder is the usefulness of it.  If you don't use it, what is the point in spending time putting it together!?

When I first decided I would make a home binder, I knew I wanted a binder that would make me happy to look at.  I didn't want something boring.  So, I chose a binder in my favorite color - lime green.  Such a small thing, but to me it was important.  If my eye is drawn to it, I will be more likely to look at it and then, in turn use it.

I decided that the first section should be a calendar.  I mean, everyone needs a calendar, right?  However, shortly after making nice monthly calendar print outs, I realized I much prefer the old school planners that I used to use.  I like that it is easy to take with me, so it is always available.  I know some people have amazing results with online calendars - such as Google calendar.  I am not one of those people.  I couldn't get into it, and it seemed too complicated to try and make different colors for the many different things I put in my calendar.  Now, my planner is my life.  It holds my blog posts for the week, special occasions, when I need to work in the church nursery, appointments, ie everything.

My planner is not quite a pocket planner, it is actually quite large, but fits nicely in the front of my binder.  More often, my calendar is open right on top of my home binder, so that I can easily flip back and forth.

Do you use a planner?  Have you had luck with Google calendar, or another online resource?

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  1. I did make a home binder! I really need to get back to it! It did make life much less complicated when I was using it. I do use Google calendars because it links right to my phone, my husbands phone, AND my sons phone. We each have a calendar and they are all inked together. Of course, each person has their own color, and on each of our phones they show up different, but mostly the same.
    I think it will be MUCH easier to work my homebinder when my husband goes back to work on the 7th tho. That way he's not here all the time to mess up all the stuff that I JUST did! LOL

    1. Yes, husbands do seem to mess up stuff don't they! Mine works from home, and sometimes I wonder if it would be easier if he wasn't here all day long :-)

  2. I love the color - I have yet, however to make one! Yours looks amazing though!

  3. I actually don't use a home binder; I tend to rely on my computer calendar and the one that's hung on our kitchen wall. I also have a separate notebook for my blogging ideas, and I print out calendar pages for blog posts.


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