April 18, 2012

so close!

I had grand intentions this week.  To show you all the sweater dress I am knitting for my babe's 4th b-day (eek!).  Yet, here I am, with an unfinished piece...still!  I'm sure you guys are just loving all of my rectangle pictures every week!

I am so so close to those decreases though!  And then it is pretty smooth sailing from there.  Plus, I have a niece who has a birthday a couple days before Emma, and she needs another handmade from auntie :-)

I think the fact that we have been having the most beautiful spring (summer) weather ever has something to do with it.  Yesterday, I brought my knitting outside while the kids played.  I did half a row and then had to go look at my garlic, which is growing beautifully right now.  And then I meandered over to where our main garden is, and started turning some more soil.  All of a sudden it was time for lunch and we were back inside and I was busy again!

As far as books go, last week I saw both of these books on other yarn alongs.  And they definitely did not disappoint!  The top book, The Forgotten Crafts, is awesome!  It amazes me how innovative we used to be.  What happened?  I mean, I understand it is easier to go to the local store and buy whatever you need, but to see what was used in the past is so fascinating to me!  It isn't a how to guide, but it does give a general outline of each task.  You should pick it up just to look at all the pictures!  The second book is Small-Plot, High-Yield Gardening, which was also great.  I don't have a huge amount of space to garden, so I try to cram as much as possible in as small of a place as possible.  This book has some good tips to accomplish that!  I am also still reading Depletion and Abundance, which I think everyone should read, especially if you don't really follow climate change and peak oil.

The other books I am going to be reading over the next couple of weeks are part of the Simplify Your Family Life e-book sale.  I wasn't sure I would like e-books, because I love real books - flipping through the pages, feeling the weight in my hands.  But, I do love them.  I especially love the books that are written as e-books.  They tend to be short and easy to get through, but packed with a lot of information and personal story - which I love.  I don't get anything for recommending this to you, but for $29 you get 35 e-books plus some other features, and to me, that is definitely worth it!

I am joining up with Ginny and her yarn along again this week!  


  1. That Forgotten Crafts book sounds so cool!

  2. It's so hard at this time of year to knit with everything else going on outside isn't it? I will be working in the garden today before the rain hits. There are just not enough hours in the day.

  3. Do you think there is some corelation between knitters and gardeners??? We all seem to be pulled in two directions these days! I'm afraid my allergies this year have been so bad, that knitting is actually winning (most definitely not the norm at this time of year!!!!) Thank goodness for rainy days!

  4. what a pretty colour dress! I hope my library has th eforgotten arts and crafts, I love seing all the thing people used to all know how to do, it inspires me so much

  5. I LOVE all John Seymours books. I am always inspired by his resourcefulness. Looking forward to seeing your little sweater dress once it's done!

  6. Of course we love seeing your rectangle knitting. Reminds me of the veg plots I'm digging over in the kitchen garden. Steph is right. There must be a correlation between knitters and gardeners. My knitting is suffering but the garden is not.

  7. The Forgotten Craft book sounds like such an interesting read. I am going to have to check to see if I can get it at my library!

    Anxiously awaiting pics of your Emma in this beautiful dress! :)

  8. Looks like it's coming along! So pretty!

    That book looks pretty cool - you find the greatest ones!

  9. I love books about (almost)lost skills..and I mourn the fact that those same skills are indeed almost lost. I blame society in general...the other day, I was planting garlic in the garden and my friend said to me "you know you can buy a five pack of garlic at the store for $2, right". Grrr. That's why all those important skills still need to be passed on to the next generation. Thanks for sharing your book picks. I will be sure to look into the two others I haven't seen (small plot gardening especially since I live in the city...for now).


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