flea beetles and other garden happenings

This weekend is the big gardening weekend in Maine.  It is when 90% of people put their plants/seeds in the ground.  I will be one of those people.  I plan to go to the greenhouse to get my tomato seedlings tomorrow morning.  We have a bit more to do around the garden - ie weed wack the perimeter.  For some reason we can't get close enough with the lawn mower, and it gets a little out of control :-)

In other garden news, my greens are being destroyed by flea beetles.  I don't think they are the adult ones, they are so tiny, so a lot of this weekend will also be spent trying to figure out how to get rid of them.  Does anyone have an idea?  I have heard to use food grade diatomaceous earth, but I have no idea what this is, or where I can get some.  The other thing I read was neem oil...again...no clue what that is.  I have never done anything for my garden pest wise besides picking slugs and tomato horn worms off plants...I want it to be as natural and organic as possible, but if these flea beetles are going to kill everything I plant...well I have to do something!

What else will we be doing this weekend?  Hopefully building the dang chicken coop.  Our little ladies are definitely getting a little big for their temporary housing.  They enjoy going outside to play with the kids, and Emma is a little chicken mama which is adorable.  And actually, her older cousin was a natural with our chicks as well!

Since I have such a long list of to do's this weekend, I will be light today on the posting!  I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend!  And don't forget to enter the great giveaway for a tote and teacup!

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  1. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend. Enjoy!


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