Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  We are still going strong at our house.  I was able to get a lot of planting done, Matt was able to get started on our long overdo chicken coop. So, today will be a post full of pictures :-)  Will be back tomorrow with more words!

I love my irises.  They come up every year.  I do nothing to them.  And they are TALL.  Well, I don't know how tall irises are supposed to be, these are about 4 1/2 feet tall.  But, they are beautiful!

Peonies...a lot of them.  They are beautiful.  Mine are always covered in ants.  I have heard that ants help to open the peonies, but I have a feeling that is an old wives tail, and the ants are just attracted to something sweet on the buds.

My blue hubbard squash is growing quite well.  Do you see those little black dots?  Yes, those would be the flea beetles.  Fast little suckers.  Diatomaceous earth it is!  Apparently this stuff is great at getting rid of bad things in the garden as well as around the house.  I bought two boxes and will be applying it liberally to all of my veggies...

Because they are also eating my mustard greens...and bok choy...and spinach.  I have heard that they particularly like tomatoes and peppers, and there is no way I am letting something eat those :-)

Found this little guy jumping around the steps.

Brought the ladies outside to play for the day.  They loved it.  When we took them in Saturday night, they all collapsed in a heap and fell asleep.  It was really funny.  They also didn't really venture out into the yard at all.  Instead, they mainly stayed under our stairs, and sat on one of the saw horses :-)

Matt started working on the chicken coop...

Looks great so far.  And Emma made it a point to bring each of the chicks over to the floor to try it out.  They seemed to approve!

I got a lot of plants put in pots as well.  We still have a lot to put in the ground, but I like to have backup tomatoes in pots...and my peppers do better in the earth boxes than in the ground.  In the front I have a San Marzano tomato plant, a brandywine, in the middle are 6 roma tomato plants - 4 in the pots, 2 in the earth box - in the next row I have an earth box of jalapenos (6) and one of sweet belle (6).  The large pot in the middle is sugar baby watermelon (which never grows even though Emma picks it every year).  In the back left corner of the first picture - pickling cucumbers.  I have nothing in the two white pots yet, not sure what I will plant, maybe summer squash or herbs or lettuce :-)

The weather was beautiful.  We were all outside for at least 12 hours everyday, and we plan to do it again today.  Can't complain with this weather.  I hope it keeps up.  Although, some intermittent rain would help.  You know, not 2 weeks straight of rain followed by 2 weeks of 80 + degree weather.  But a few days of sun, then a couple showers one day.  That would be nice!

What have you been up to this weekend?  I am linking up at the Rural Thursday today!  Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a beautiful tote bag and teacup here!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Looks like a VERY productive weekend indeed!

  2. Replies
    1. Hopefully I can manage to dig some up for you!!!

  3. Yikes! I haven't encountered flea beetles before, but we do have squash bugs. Your flowers are beautiful.

  4. I love peonies! I don't know about those ants, I'm going to check it out.

  5. Ha! Im so embarrassed we purchased someone's labor to build our chicken house. I can hardly wait for them to arrive with it though! Thanks for linking.


  6. LOVE seeing all the pictures and I love Emma bringing the chicks over to test it out :) How adorable! Sounds like you guys made quite a big of progress :)

  7. Everything looks so good -- healthy and green. I need to try out the "dirt" you mentioned for controlling bugs. Great post!


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