planting and life lessons

I didn't get all of my planting done.  Surprised?  I'm not.  Usually I do such a good job of getting everything in the ground (or pots) by the end of Memorial Day weekend.  This weekend was a little unusual in the fact that Matt was working on the chicken coop the entire weekend, so he wasn't as able to help me with digging and tilling and corralling the babes :-)  Now we have a few days of rain to contend with, but hopefully by the end of the week it will dry out enough for me to finish planting.

I realized that I didn't get nearly as many tomato seedlings as I usually get, which means I will be driving back to the greenhouse for more seedlings.  I try to plant as many tomatoes as possible, because I love tomatoes, and because I try to preserve enough for the winter.  It never seems to pan out.  I can't figure out how many pounds of tomatoes I need, how many jars of salsa I really will go through, and whether or not I want to push tomatoes through some type of grinder in order to have tomato sauce.  Instead, I just plant as many as I possibly can, and hope for the best.

Hoping for the best seems to be my mantra when it comes to gardening.  I never seem to do the conventional gardening techniques, I don't plant in rows - instead it is more of clumps.  I don't weed nearly as much as I should, and I forget to label things, which means I rarely know what is growing where until the vegetable shows up.

This past month I feel like we have taken several steps forward when it comes to our house, and making it a home.  With every spring in the past we have thought of selling our house (we even thought that this spring), but this year we finally committed to staying here, and actually living here which is something we haven't tried before.  When we were always looking towards our "next step" we would just float through our time here.  Not the most pleasant ways to live.  I am finally understanding make your place.  And while I still want to move to our land and build a little house and have some goats and chickens running around, I need to settle into what we have currently.

Oh those life lessons!  They certainly are a struggle to learn.  Is there anything new that you are learning about your life these days?

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  1. I love your house and I think it's a great place to make home! You can live your dream there! I've realized how much it isn't about where you are but who you are with and how you make it! Baby steps of course!

  2. Heather, I can totally relate to feeling like I'm not always living up to my gardening expectations. This is the first year we have really expanded our garden and have done well with all our soil preparation and planting deadlines. It was a TON of work though! We shall see how things pan out in the end and whether we get some good harvests that can sustain us through the winter! And yes, I agree with the above comment that taking baby steps is the way to go in making your house a home. Don't try to do it all at once- it takes a while to figure out your style and how things work best for you. Good luck!

  3. For about two more weeks, my garden will be neat and tidy. Then, the weeds take over and I don't weed nearly as much as I should. I don't water as much as I should. And I don't label anything. In fact, I have a patch right now that I replanted when I picked the bok choy, but I have no idea what I put in, and now I can't tell if what is up is weeds or veggies. Time will tell

  4. It'll all get done. You're making great strides, gal! And you're learning to integrate some of those long term plans into your reality now aka getting the chickens where you are now rather than waiting for more land, etc. I think sometimes it's hard not to want life to be where we envision, but you're so right that it's enjoying what we have and the ride along the way. Who knows---we might not ever get to that "end goal" but at least we are incredibly blessed in our daily existence. Sending lots of love to you and so thankful for you!!


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