Today is a special day!

It is a certain niece's birthday today :-)  I can't believe that today she is 8!  What a special girl she is, and I hope that she has an amazing day today!

This is a pretty important week overall though, because Saturday is my Emma's 4th birthday.  I also can't believe that she will be 4 on Saturday.  She has grown so much over the past four years, and everyday is growing more.  The things she comes up with surprise me everyday, and I am so thankful to have her in my life!

Because of her special day, I am trying to knit up some of those cute little pockets that I have seen all over the place for these two special little girls (and a third little girl who has a birthday coming up in 6 short weeks :-)).  I thought they would make a nice little favor idea, of course I didn't come up with this until last night.  So the fact that I only have one partially made is slightly concerning.  But, they knit up fast, so I am thinking it will be a breeze to get these done...well that is my hope.

On the reading front, I am still reading Depletion and Abundance, as well as Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.    What I really like about this Herbal Recipes book, is that it isn't just about herbs, well that is a large part of it, she also talks about different foods that you can eat to strengthen you, foods you should avoid.  There are quite a few herbs I have never heard of, and because of that will probably be buying instead of growing them - at least for a while.  I'm not even sure all of these herbs can be grown in my area, but I will try my hardest to grow the ones that seem to matter the most to me.

I am also starting Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx.  My high school English teacher gave me this book shortly before I graduated, he thought I would enjoy it.  I assumed that I would enjoy it as well, but never ended up reading it.  When I went to college my love of reading was slightly diminished by all the required reading that I had to do, in fact I didn't even really start reading for pleasure and my own desire to learn until after college...sad I know...but it is what it is!  So, since my desk is now facing my book shelves, I have been staring at this book for a week.  I realized it was time to pick it up!

Joining in with Ginny and her yarn along again today!  Did your reading feel stifled in college?  I ended up taking two women's lit classes just so I could read some decent fiction - I was a Business major with a macro-economics concentration...silly I know :-)


  1. Happy birthday to both your niece and your daughter, they do grow up fast!
    I am still knitting pockets myself, the pattern is so easy and the wee ones love them.
    Have a happy day.

  2. Happy birthday week to all you littles!!! Aren't those pockets the sweetest little things???

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter and niece. I think birthdays get more special the older you get. I am sure those pockets will work out wonderfully!

  4. I adore the color of the yarn you are using for the pockets, very pretty! Yes, we will have celebrations this week - can't wait to see you to celebrate FOUR!

  5. Love the idea of making the pockets as party favours. A hundred times better than a plastic one. I read the Shippping News a few years ago, and then saw the film. Hope you enjoy it.

  6. Those knitted pockets are a great idea!

    Have a lovely day!

  7. The knitted pockets are really cute! Love the color.

  8. These "pockets" sounds very interesting. I haven't heard of them before. Is there a picture somewhere where I can see what they look like??? Thanks so much! Renee

    1. Hi Renee! I found the idea here I am using much thicker yarn than Ginny did, but they were a huge hit with the girls for my daughter's birthday :-)


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