Home Binders - Part Four

This is an ongoing series about home management binders, and how they can work for you and your family.  You can find my previous posts below:

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An integral part of the home management binder is the daily “to-do” list or schedule of the day.  Each person is capable of making their own order of the day, whether it be scheduled to the minute, a general flow or rhythm, or a list of tasks that one hopes to complete throughout the day

For me, I like to keep a running list of tasks, as well as a general rhythm for the day.  And while I tend to put it within actual time frames, it still seems very much like a rhythm rather than a schedule.  Perhaps it is because I know I rarely ever stick to the hours on my page, more to the order of the day.  There are a few parts of my day that I can count on, time wise, mainly meals and rest time.  I try to fit everything else around those more concrete time lines.

I have heard numerous ways to getting tasks accomplished.  I have probably tried them all at one time or another.  Sometimes it is taking a couple tasks that are the most important tasks to accomplish and highlighting them on your to-do list, making sure that you accomplish at least those tasks.  Others have one thing that they will constantly put off unless they do it first thing in the morning, so before they start their day, they eat their frog.  I think I could easily procrastinate my way through the day with nothing but reading for myself and to my kids, or puttering around the garden while the kids play outside.  Unfortunately, I still need to feed everyone, and making sure we have clean laundry and dishes are always important aspects of the day as well!

There are quite a few wonderful resources out there on the internet for everyday scheduling sheets.  Some examples would be simple mom, and Life Your WayBut, like most things, I took everything that I researched and then made it my own.  Here is what I use to schedule out my days:

I honestly do wake up at an ungodly hour, 4am.  I know it sounds ridiculous.  And I guess it is somewhat, but my kids are early risers, and unless I try to get up before them, most of my morning gets lost.  I wrote more about how I wake up super early last week.  But, when I am able to get up that early, it gives me the time I need to go through and figure out my day.  Sometimes I will do this the night before, so that I don't have to be too awake in the morning, and then I can just pull my schedule sheet out and start on the day!

I start out by taking a new sheet, and filling it in.  Easy as that, really.  I think the page is pretty self-explanatory.  Typically, I will do this after my morning quiet time, and so I try to find an inspirational quote in my quiet time to write at the top of the page.  Something I can look to throughout the day to help me stay motivated.

My to-do list changes every day.  Each day of the week I tend to have different tasks that I concentrate on.  Monday is the big laundry day – although I still tend to do laundry all week, Monday always seems to have the most.  Wednesdays are the Farmers’ Market, so I like to have that time open to go if I need to.  Fridays I try to get some baking done for the weekend.  These tasks obviously don’t take me all day (well, except for the laundry), and I try to list fun things that I enjoy as well as work things that I need to do around the house.  Otherwise, I get annoyed that I don’t have something fun to do.  Baking is one of my fun things, actually all cooking is, so it is something that I put on my list (lucky for my family, right?).  Reading is another, and I schedule it in.  I try not to list too many fun things though, otherwise I won’t get anything else accomplished!

I also like to keep a running list of bigger projects around the house.  It helps to have a few projects that I am constantly working on, then they just get moved ahead to the next day if they have not been completed.  These would be tasks like, clean out the basement, painting a room, moving furniture around.  It does not mean re-do the kitchen!  Although, that could be something to put on there, but I am looking more at bigger tasks for the week.  Tasks that I likely will need a couple days to complete.

Here is my home binder daily sheet for you to download if you so choose!  I hope that you find it helpful!

Do you have a list that you work with each day?  Does it help you to get organized and plan your day?

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  1. Could you modify this for the initial heading is "COFFEE"? ;) Thank you for this download - I will start using it! Great resource!

    1. Perhaps I should put a little box with coffee cups that I can cross off...then maybe I will know how many cups I am really drinking during the day... ;-)

  2. Hi Heather, I also wake up at an ungodly hour. I've tried so many way to keep organized but I am going to give your sheet a try. I like that it is something that is done daily instead of weekly etc.. I like that I can put it up on my wall and it will not overwhelm me with the weeks worth of work.

    Thanks for following my blog :)

  3. Very impressed w/ your organization! And all those beans! Have you ever tried doing a batch a night in the crockpot? One bag of beans + 4 1/2 cups water in the crockpot usually works for me. Might save you your full day w/ the beans ;-)

    1. That is a good idea! I never seem to cook stuff overnight though, not sure why. It actually isn't too much time to do the beans all in one day, I just need to be close by because the stove is going :-) Sometimes I will cook a lot more beans than I need and then I have tons in the freezer, those are the good days :-)

  4. I need to get my mornings more organized and your sheet is awesome! I'm definitely going to try it out. I love to wake up early, and need to be more consistent with the time. I like 5:00. :)

  5. Thank you for the printable!

  6. Congrats! This post was the #4 most clicked post in The Mommy Club last week! I really appreciate you taking the time to link up and share with my readers. You are being featured on my page and I will pin the post. Have a great week and feel free to link up more of your wonderful mommy solutions!



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