new books and baby vests

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting recently.  I took a nice break, really from everything.  It was wonderful to be able to concentrate on killing squash bugs and cucumber beetles...and to play with my babes while they played with the chickens.

Imagine my surprise when I went to grab the baby vest I am working on for my sister-in-law, just to realize that my second needle has gone missing.  How is it possible that I misplace a needle?  Well, I think it is more likely that a certain 4 year old took said needle and hid it.  So, I haven't really made much progress on the vest.  Although, what I have done has made me happy.  I think it is going to knit up really nicely, and using organic yarn is so fun.  I know there probably isn't a huge difference in feel, but I still feel better about using it!

And for reading?  Well, I just started a lovely book called Dreaming of Mr. Darcy.  It is a cute book so far.  About a woman named Kay, who has lost the two closest people in her life.  One of which left her a great deal of money.  So she is finally following her dreams to move to the ocean, the location where Persuasion is to have taken place.  I am not that far in, but so far it is a lovely story.  I love to see a great relationship develop from the beginning, and this book definitely has it.  I guess I am just obsessed with all things Austen, but who isn't?!

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I am of course linking up with the awesome yarn along!  So good to be back after a few weeks away!  Looking forward to new book recommendations!


  1. Laughing about your missing knitting needle -- I hope it turns up! :)

  2. Oh I hope your needle appears soon. Your book sounds delightful!

  3. I have a missing needle in my yarn along post this week, too!
    Your book looks very interesting - I'm a sucker for anything Austen related.

  4. You do know that you'll find that missing needle in the most unlikely place!! : )

  5. I bet your needle has now been transformed into a sword, musical conductor baton or magic fairy wand...thats where I would look lol. Sorry but with 8 kids, my needles go missing all the time. I hope it shows up real soon.

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