Do you want to do it all?

I certainly do.  What does your all include?  Mine means making meals from scratch, homeschooling my littles, trying to produce enough food on our little quarter acre for at least one season of the year, paying off student loans, reading reading and more reading.  I would love to take a holistic health class, learn more about using herbs as healers.  There are so many things I want to dive into learning now, I wish I had this drive when I was in college :-)  My all list is never ending.

How do you prioritize when you feel like everything is important?  I'm not going to have some in depth answer for you, because I have no idea.  I am slowly trying to work at each piece a little at a time.  I guess that is all I can hope for.  I don't quite understand why it seems so difficult now to do what people always did hundreds of years ago.  What is different now?

Well, everything is different.  There are a lot more distractions.  I'm sure that the amount of time I take to check my e-mail throughout the day would be enough time for me to at least knead a couple loaves of bread and cook beans for the week.  I can certainly sit down and read a book during the kids rest time, or after everyone is asleep (which I frequently do - who really needs to sleep when there is a good book to be read?!).

I think part of the problem is the lack of community now.  Not that I am good about community.  Our little neighborhood has a great group of people, but I am such an introvert, I prefer to keep to myself.  I want my privacy and to not feel like I am in a box - which I sometimes do.  I can't go outside without the neighbors making conversation.  Some call that nice, I just want to go weed in my pajamas without having to talk to someone!

Community is an integral part of life though, you can't do everything yourself.  I think that sometimes I hope that I can, but I know it is impossible.  But way back when, family was your community.  Everyone lived close together, you didn't have to worry about traveling out of state to see your very cool sisters-in-law, they just lived two houses over.  I think that when you have family around, it is easier.  You aren't as concerned about making some sort of impression, you just are, and your family just accepts you.  Well, I'm sure they don't always accept you, but my family seems to still be talking to me even though I am the crazy one :-)

I think when your family isn't around and you then have to rely on neighbors, and your community, well, it is difficult to put yourself out there.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of funny looks.  Fear of people talking behind your back.  Yes, it is all there, at least for me!  How do I balance the fear and the need for community?  I would love suggestions.  I guess you just need to start, then everything else comes along.

I see our neighbors, who dug up about a third of an acre last fall and then turned again in early spring.  He planned to plant a huge garden.  Then there was a death in the family, and he has only planted about 12 tomato plants in that entire space.  Why didn't I offer to throw some seeds in the ground.  Obviously I couldn't have planted the entire space - I can barely weed my 20x20 garden :-)  But, it would have been something.  Maybe I would have had a bit more space to plant some things that I can't plant in my small space, and could have given the neighbor half of the produce.  When we need help building something, or trying to get wood from the lumber yard into our little yaris, maybe we could trade some time helping another neighbor with his shed in return for use of his truck for 30 minutes.

I will continue to plug along though.  Trying to manage my time better so that I can fit in all that I want.  Perhaps I will sleep a little bit less...ok a lot less...and really work on these things.  It is taking that first step that is difficult for me.  Do you want to do it all?  Do you try to?  How is your community?

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  1. I want to do it all, all the time. And I keep wondering, what would happen if I HAD to do it all, all the time, like our ancestors. How did they do it? And then I think that the problem is "stuff". They had 2 or 3 changes of clothes. We "ahem" don't. The kids had maybe a couple toys. They ate much simpler meals (that now-a-days aren't considered well balanced) and only had to wash a couple of pots instead of all the "convenience gadgets" we use to make the newer dishes. The kids helped out an awful lot, because it was expected, and there were (in most cases) many more of them to help with the burden. Kids learned their chores at a much younger age. Things that "community" today consider beyond their age or too much work for a child. So I, like you, plug along one day at a time, doing the best I can, and hoping the end. It will be enough. Fantastic post! Thanks.

  2. This is a wonderful post and you raise some great and very important questions. I certainly don't have the answers....I think a lot of us are in the same (or very similar) positions. I just wish more of the world wanted to revamp the direction we are heading!!!

  3. I could have written this myself, Heather. Living in the country has spoiled me as I don't have to see another living soul (except my husband) for weeks at a time if I so choose. And i usually do!

    I have so many things I want to do and I too whittle away at them as I can. Great post. :)

  4. Good thoughts Heather. The notion of "community" is such an interesting one. I feel like I have a ton of support but it's all spread through-out the nation...and sometimes I just really wish that I had a group of 4 key people within a 15 mile radius of my place that were of similar situations and I could call to come do yard work, drink coffee, etc etc. But on the converse side, I really don't like that the fence separating myself and my backyard neighbors is only 5 ft tall---they can see directly into my house and see my every movement in my yard... Always two sides of every coin, no?

    And I want to do it all, but I think my notion of "ALL" is constantly changing...and I've realized that I won't be able to truly do it ALL.


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