sorry no post today...

Last night we took care of the rooster.  It was a hard evening.  Surprisingly, the kids were fine.  I guess when I told them that eventually we would have to kill the chickens to get new ones, they just got it.  Now I am hoping that we can at least wait until the hens are done laying eggs to deal with that again!  Will be back tomorrow for the awesome yarn along!


  1. Sorry about your rooster. We had to take care of one of ours last summer - he got aggressive and was chasing our children.

  2. :( Sad night, but I'm glad you were able to do it. It's amazing how sometimes the kiddos can handle real life better than all us I'm glad to hear they took it alright. Course they're not the ones actually doing it!! :) Sending lots of love your way today!


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