garden update

I have written so many bad posts about my garden this year, I figured it was time for a positive post.  I am actually quite happy with parts of my garden.  I know that I have talked a bit about how well my peppers are doing, but I don't think I have ever had a better year with peppers than I have had this year.

My sweet peppers are getting huge this year.  I guess I typically pick them before they get the size of normal peppers, but this year, I can't pick them fast enough.  I have been mainly using them in salads or stir fries...or eating them raw from the plant as a snack.  The fact that I have so many this year, it is actually quite amazing to me.  It isn't something that I have ever spent time trying to grow, even though I like to have them for my salsa.  Which brings me to the next plant that is doing really well.

My jalapenos are doing amazingly well this year.  And I have to say I am so excited about that.  I use about 8-10 jalapenos in each batch of salsa that I make, and I have plenty of jalapenos in the freezer to make enough salsa for the entire year.  And they are still growing!  It is actually a good thing, because I have learned that my chickens really enjoy eating my jalapenos.  Who would have thought that chickens would like a spicy pepper...clearly these chickens were meant to be mine :-)

My roma tomatoes are also doing quite well.  I have two plants that I planted in an earth box, and they are producing enough for several batches of salsa, and that is about all I can ask for at this point!  I realize that I need to make a lot of changes in order to produce the amount of vegetables that I would like for preservation, but I am learning...even if it is an extremely slow process.  I had a couple of brandywine tomato plants in pots that were doing quite well...until my chickens realized that tomatoes make an amazing snack.

Speaking of the chickens, they have decided that the best place to beat the heat is under the chicken coop.  There was about 3 inches of space between the bottom of the hen house and the ground, now there seems to be a bit more.  I had no idea that they would dig holes and burrow under the house, but there it is!  It has been extremely hot the past few days.

Most of my ladies are keeping their wings away from their bodies, and hoping to cool off.  I wish that I could just spray them down like my kids, but apparently they don't work that way ;-)  Instead, I have been refilling their water with ice cold water several times each day, and hoping for the best.  They seem to be doing fine, even though I do feel bad they can't cool down.  However, it can't be any worse than how we feel with no air conditioning, we are all suffering together in this 90 degree weather with 100% humidity!

Last, but certainly not least, today is my precious babe's 2nd birthday.  Jack, Mama loves you very much, and you make every day brighter!  I love you!  Happy Birthday!

I am linking to the Barn Hop!  Looking forward to seeing what is going on everywhere else!


  1. Happy birthday to Jack!!

    Your peppers are gorgeous! I have some green peppers and jalapenos right now too, but they aren't quite as pretty as yours!

  2. OMG Jack looks ADORABLE! He's the cutest little boy we know and we wish him the best 2nd birthdat ever! We love you Jack! PS - Your garden is amazing!

  3. Oh I am so jealous of your beautiful peppers. I have not had luck with mine. My chickens ate most of my banana and green/red peppers and the rest of them just have not grown really well. Great job!

  4. all those sweet peppers, YUM!! Happy birthday to your sweet little boy:)

  5. SO great!! Happy, happy birthday Jack :) and I love the pictures of the chickens hunkering down under the coop. It's amazing how much that fluff up the ground no? There's a spot under one of our azaleas that both Roxi and the chickens used to share :) The produce looks great--you're going to have some good things come out of that garden after all.


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