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Have you heard of swagbucks?  If you haven't, you have got to look into it.  It is essentially a search system that rewards you for searching for something you would use another search engine for.  I hadn't heard of swagbucks before this spring.  I was not sure how it would work, but since I google pretty much everything and anything...daily...I thought to myself "why shouldn't I be rewarded for all of those searches?!"

How does it work?  Well, you go to swagbucks and sign up for an account, and then you start searching away.  It really is that easy.  Up in the right hand corner you will see your "swagbucks" total.  You don't get swagbucks for every single search that you do, and I don't know if it is totally by chance or based on what you search for, but it adds up quickly!  However, swagbucks isn't just a search engine.

There are other ways to earn swagbucks.  There is a TV channel where you can go and watch movie trailers, or entertainment clips (or real news clips too!).  You can print out coupons and be rewarded when you use the coupon.  There are daily polls and surveys and games.  It really depends on how much time you want to put into it.

What types of rewards does swagbucks offer?  They offer a lot of different things, gift cards to cash, electronics to kid's stuff.  It seems to be that anything you would want, you could find it as a reward.  Each reward has a different amount of swagbucks required in order to redeem it.  For me, I always go for the $5 Amazon gift card.  I like that it is only 450 swagbucks, and I can usually get to that amount every 10 days or so, if I am trying hard enough.  And since I love that Amazon offers so many products at such good prices, it seems like a no-brainer for me!

So do you use swagbucks?  Does it sound like something you would use?  Do you use another "rewards" type site?  If so, share in the comments!  I think at this point with the economy the way it is, any way to get something extra is helpful.

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  1. I started using swagbucks awhile back when it first started, but totally forgot about it. Maybe I should look into it again. Seems easy enough.

  2. Love it - after your recommendation! Thanks for the Amazon gift cards! :)


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