{31 Days} Intentional Living - Day 17

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I have been doing a good job of keeping the TV off.  Not that I watch TV constantly or anything like that, but I do like to watch the news, I have a deep rooted love affair with General Hospital (which my babysitter turned me onto oh so many years ago - great right?!), add in anything cooking related and I am a happy girl. I have instead been trying to concentrate on living.

The funny part to me?  I haven't done any knitting really.  I am ready to place the thumb on this one mitten, but haven't bothered to get some scrap yarn to do it yet.  Hopefully it will happen today.  They really are a fast knit, and goodness knows my kids need their mittens finished (22 degrees outside when we woke up on Monday!).

I have been doing a little reading.  I am going through Romans right now in the Bible.  It is really interesting to me how many different questions I can come up with on my own.  I am not big on devotionals - I never know if I am coming up with the right answer - but the questions, those abound.  It goes along really well with what our Bible study at church has been doing (going through Genesis).  It never ceases to amaze me that when I have a question about one part of the Bible, I find myself in another part getting an answer.

I am also reading the Twilight books again in preparation for the last movie coming out next month - I know total dweeb - but, I really enjoy them.  Plus, every time I flip through the channels I seem to find myself halfway into one of the movies.  I am on Eclipse right now, and I am enjoying them as much as I did the first time I read them a couple years ago.

I'm also reading One Second After, which I saw as a recommendation from a friend on Facebook.  Now, I am usually a very fast reader, not so much with this book.  It is really good, but I have to keep putting it down.  It is about what happens after a perceived electromagnetic pulse.  Whether or not that is possible, I have no idea.  I am inclined to think yes.  Everything in the book seems so real, I need to keep putting it down before I pack up my family and head for the hills :-)  Definitely a book that makes you think.

I am linking up with Ginny today, I look forward to seeing everyone from over there!  I have a couple of giveaways going on right now as well, you can find them up on the right side of the page.


  1. I can't wait to see the last Twilight movie too!

  2. I read the Twilight books when I was pregnant with the twins. It was the perfect book candy for that time ;-)

  3. I haven't read the Twilight books but my son has and we've been watching the movies together so when I need to know something I ask and he knows! I love that he's engrossed himself in a new series.

  4. My college girl, really a non-reader, read the Twilight series one year. I know they must be good, because she struggles usually, but couldn't wait to get to the next one. Enjoy them! Never knit mittens, but thinking I should put that on my 2013 hit list. Wanted to do a cable this year, but not there yet! Better step it up!!

  5. Looking forward to see media blitz associated with Twilight. Oh and the fact that you are reading a book about a "perceived electromagnetic pulse" makes me feel dumb. ;)


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