Bugging Out

It seems like I read a lot about bugging out, ie heading for the hills when some disaster happens (or zombies come for you).  I always have thought that I wouldn't really need to "bug out."  I am in an area that I know well, I have a lot of connections here to family and friends, and I know that I would be fine if something did happen.  But would I really?

After watching all the devastation from Sandy over the past couple of weeks, I realized that I may not be as safe as I think I am.  Natural disasters can happen anywhere.  I have written before about losing power for several days during an ice storm when I was younger, but if it had been a day or two longer, we would have had to figure something else out.  If Sandy had reached us with the same devastation, what would we have done?

It made me think more about starting bug out bags for our family.  Now I have been combing many different websites trying to figure out what should be included in these bags.  It seems pretty basic, some food, some water, some clothes, matches, flashlights.  I think that it is completely doable, shouldn't take a huge amount of capital, and it would give us some type of assurance if we did need to get out of dodge quickly.

Of course, then I thought about my kids.  I have a four year old and a two year old.  What exactly would we be able to do for them?  If we were walking somewhere, it would be very difficult to walk with two kids.  My older could definitely walk a while, but she would get tired, especially if we had to cover any type of distance, which means that we would both be carrying our bags, our kids, and bags for our kids.  Can anyone else see how this might be a challenge?

What is the solution?  I'm not entirely sure, and would love suggestions.  My hope is that we would never be in a situation where we had to bug out to begin with, and if we did, that we could use the car to get wherever we may decide to go (which reminds me...we should probably figure out where that place is).  But there is always the chance that we wouldn't have enough gas, or a way of getting more gas; and the whole point of this bug out scenario is to be prepared for the worst.

I plan to sit down with Matt and really formulate some serious plans about what our family would need to do in a disaster scenario.  Like I said, I never really considered having to leave, but maybe I should.  It seems that these "100 year storms" are happening a lot more frequently than the 100 years suggests.

Do you have a bug out bag?  Do you have young children?  What would your suggestions be for someone just starting out who has young children?


  1. I would keep a stroller that would hold both of your kids in your car. People do that in amusement parks when the kids are too tired to walk,even though they could walk on their own. At least you would have something because if you had to walk you wouldn't get very far. Plus you could keep stuff you might need in the stroller so you wouldn't have to carry so much.

  2. The darn bug bag! You are making me dive deeper into my little scared place....good idea though.

  3. I don't know much about bug out bags--are they supposed to carry your essentials and be resistant to pests? For long-term food storage maybe? If we had to leave our home I agree it would be very difficult to literally be forced to carry on your back all you need to survive!


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