Coffee Talk!

I know I have said it before, but I love coffee!  I am mainly a coffee and cream kind of gal.  I think it is because my mom always drinks her coffee with just cream.  I don't typically fall into the sweet coffee creamer camp...ever.  I try it, but it always seems too sweet to me.  Well, that has all changed now.  I found this beauty at the grocery store yesterday, and it hasn't been a disappointment this morning!

Do you enjoy holiday flavors in your coffee?  And Emma was adamant that her puppy needed to be in the picture.  Now onto more holiday preparations!


  1. I love the smell of coffee, and the flavor in sweets, but I don't really drink it. Except Starbucks. So yeah, I guess I like sugar in mine ;-)

  2. You know I love my coffee and usually go hardcore black (I know, the teeth!) but around the holidays I do like a little flavor....I hadn't seen this one yet but I might have to! Sometimes that's all I need :)

  3. Ha yes. Before Tall D, I NEVER bought pre-made creamer, but when I moved to Louisiana it was a treat he'd buy for me and I got in the habit. Lately, I've been trying to switch back to half & Half or to the coconut based fake creamer---both of which I also love. However the nearest grocery store doesn't carry the coconut one and I just purchased the peppermint flavored regular premade creamer---happiness in the cup! In the summer I love coconut and was stoked when they came out with the coconut flavored one, but I'll probably try to keep my use to the premade stuff to a minimum. One cup of coffee a day in the mornings usually--after noon I can't sleep...and I always use the stove top espresso maker (the Italian way!). DELISH!

    1. I saw the coconut one today as well! And I thought of you. I figured peppermint was a better seasonal flavor though :-) Yum! I used to be a one cup of coffee in the morning kinda gal...but after kids I moved into the multiple pots per day category ;-)


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