Preparing for a Long Homeschooling Break

When I was doing school with Emma yesterday, and looking ahead to next week, I realized that next week is Thanksgiving!  Now, I know I have been talking about the holidays...well...since last years holidays ended, but it definitely arrived faster than I was prepared for.  Does anyone else feel that way?

We are planning on taking quite a large break, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year.  I have talked before about schooling year round, and I am happy that we have the option to take a long break when we want it.  But, that doesn't mean that we will stop learning as soon as the turkey is put in the oven.  We still will be learning, but it will be concentrated in different areas.

I plan to continue my series on the first Thanksgiving, which we have been working on last week and this week.  Emma has really enjoyed seeing the fact vs. the myth of the first Thanksgiving or harvest celebration.  Learning that the foods they probably ate are not what we associate with Thanksgiving today.  All of it is extremely interesting to me, I love history, so any time when we can concentrate on a specific piece of history is enjoyable for me.

After Thanksgiving, we will move into the Christmas season.  I will have a lot of Christmas books on hand.  In fact, Emma has been asking me for Christmas books and movies the past couple of weeks, and I think she has already watched Rudolph on netflix.  I blame the fact that Christmas decorations are up at Target already :-)  We will also be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  I let the kids be fully immersed in the cooking experience.  It definitely does not make it easier to have them right there with me, but I feel like I am teaching them valuable life skills (making fudge and cookies count as life skills, right?!).

Because I do so much baking and cooking already, it is common place for them to be in the kitchen.  But, we will be doing a lot more baking...baking with recipes, something I rarely do.  And that allows us to work on math, without knowing we are working on math.  Anything that takes the rigidity out of a subject makes me happy, and baking as math is my favorite way!

I also hope to have Emma help sign all of our Christmas cards this year, so that she can practice writing her name.  She is pretty good at it, but practice is always helpful, and if she wants to write a little note with mama's help, all the better.

Even though we are officially taking a "break" from school between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, we won't actually be taking a break.

Do you take a large break during the year?  How do you plan for that?  Do you still find learning opportunities to incorporate even if it isn't from a curriculum?

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  1. What a wonderful time to take a break from homeschooling! I homeschooled my kids through high school, and we did some year-round homeschooling. Our biggest breaks were either over the summer or were associated with skating competitions. It's wonderful that homeschooling gives each family the opportunity to set their own schedule! I'm your newest follower from the Hip Homeschool Hop. :) Deb @

  2. Ha, my kids have been watching Christmas dvds this week too. And I'm already contemplating buying a new thermometer so I can make caramels and fudge :-)

  3. We are already watching Christmas dvds and listening to music! Sounds like even though you will be on a "break" there will still be lots of learning happening!

  4. Nope, no break between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we do lots of holiday "stuff". Today we made mini pumpkin pies, cutting pie crust dough into pumpkin shapes (with a cookie cutter), placing a dollop of cooked pumpkin pie filing in the middle, and sealing another pumpkin dough crust on top and baking. Fun! We're also started to make ornaments. This week we're painting puzzle pieces (from a puzzle that's missing too many) then we'll hot glue them together in a ring shape, add red paint dots to a piece (for holly), add red ribbon...for holiday wreaths. We'll give them away as gifts!

  5. Thanks for stopping by to visit our Blog! I love all the pics of the fresh veggies! We are getting ready for a whole December of Christmas themed learning -so hopefully that will feel like a bit of a break. The Kids already have their advent calendars ready to go.

  6. We're so glad you linked up with us at Hip Homeschool Moms! I enjoyed your post. :) It sounds so wonderful to have a nice long break from homeschooling between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will take a week off at Thanksgiving and 2 weeks off at Christmas. We did year-round homeschooling last year, and it worked fine. This year, though, we kind of hope to get a month or two off during the summer, so we're keeping our breaks relatively short. We only do 4 days a week of school each week, though, so it's really not bad.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy all those books and cooking together!




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