2013 Garden Plans...already?!

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The seed catalogs are starting to arrive again.  I thought it was super early, but I looked and last year I started writing about seed catalogs the first week in December.  It seems to catch me off guard easily!  I think the fact that I get so full of Christmas planning, I can't even start to think about the next year's garden.  However, this year I want to be much more on the ball with ordering seeds.  Even when I end up ordering seeds at the beginning of January, there are always a couple varieties that I really want that end up being sold out and are replaced with something else.  Not the biggest of deals considering I don't really ever believe I am going to get a ton of food from my garden, but still slightly annoying when it is something I really want to grow!

One of the big changes this year is trying to do it all from seed.  I would like to have all of my own seedlings to put into the ground, instead of buying them from the greenhouse.  Not that buying the seedlings already happy and healthy on Memorial Day is a bad thing, but I figure if I am going to buy the seeds, I really should make more of an effort to get them to grow.

It isn't that I don't plant any seeds.  I love to put seeds in the ground.  It is something that Emma had so much fun with last year.  In fact, when I showed her the first seed catalog she was super excited about all the different seeds she could pick out.  But, what I am not so good at, is starting the seeds inside and early, like tomatoes.  I have the space, I have the lights, I need to just do it this year.

Have your seed catalogs started arriving yet?  Are you already planning for next year?  Or do you wait until after the holidays to settle in and decide what to do?

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  1. I usually do certain things from seed, but there are a couple of things I've found I need to buy as little plants - green peppers in particular I can't seem to get to do well from seed.

  2. We grow nearly all our vegtable and I star them from seed. One of the things I have learned over the years is bottom heat is a must, especialy with tomatoes and peppers. Peppers take a LONG time to germinate, some of mine take up to 21 days to pop up. Drop me a line if you have a question about something. I'll do my best to answer. Rachelle

  3. I wait until after Christmas...actually, I sit down on boxing day and start making lists. It is usually mid-January before I send in my order though because I like to mull it over and really make sure there is room for everything. This year, I will be ordering a set of grow lights so that I can start more in the house. I think there will be a lot more options that way.