Christmas Yarn Along and a new book!

Things are moving right along on the scarves that I am making for my nieces.  I really like both of the patterns, so that makes it easier to knit!  My kids have been enjoying watching me knit recently, so I am getting a few extra minutes here and there to finish rows.  Although, the kids keep asking me if what I am knitting is for them.  I wonder, how am I supposed to hide what I am knitting for them, from them?  Any ideas?  I'm not so much into middle of the night knitting...for some reason my brain doesn't work at night!

As far as reading goes, I just received Making Home: Adapting Our Homes and Our Lives to Settle in Place in the mail a couple of days ago.  I was really excited to get this book.  I have talked about Sharon Astyk's other books before; Depletion and Abundance, A Nation of Farmers, and Independence Days.  They are all  amazing books that give you so much information about climate, what we can do to help ourselves and those around us - definitely great reads.  But, this new book, was one I was especially looking forward to.

It seems like I can read all kinds of wonderful stories of people who are making a life for themselves on a large parcel of land, with all kinds of beautiful gardens and animals.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), I don't have that at this point in time.  So this book is all about making what you have already work for you.  And that is what I am excited about.  Figuring out the resources I have available to me.  For a long time I was always waiting for "the next big thing," but for the past year or so I have realized that I can't keep waiting for the next thing.  Hence getting chickens in the spring, and deciding to really do up our garden even though we live on 1/4 of an acre.

I haven't gotten past the introduction, and I know that I will probably have to wait until the Christmas craziness dies down, but definitely looking forward to reading this book!

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  1. Beautiful!!!!! You are doing a great job!
    Oh and I love te idea of making what you have really work for you!

  2. Your scarves are lovely and will make wonderful presents.

  3. I must find a copy of your book. I grew up with Mother Earth Magazine in our home and now it has become one of my husband's favorites, I think he would love to read Making Home.

  4. hey, now that sounds like my kind of book. although i know it isn't easy to farm a large piece of land, it seems much easier to do then to figure out a city plot. i will have to check out that book.
    you know, i have been knitting stuff for my kids for some time now,right in front of them, they are so use to me knitting ALL THE TIME, that they just don't notice any more. lol

  5. Thank you for the book idea!! My kind of book for the new year as I re-whip our farm into shape. The scarves are coming out so pretty!! Tricia @ crunchycatholicmomma.blogspot


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