Weelicious Cookbook Review and Giveaway!

I had the awesome opportunity to look at Catherine McCord's new cookbook, called Weelicious: 140 Fast, Fresh, and Easy Recipes.  This cookbook (and also her very cool website!) was born out of her desire to feed her family kid-friendly meals.

If you have small children, you know how difficult it is to get them to eat well.  From an early age you try to make all the right choices, but there are tastes that are unfamiliar and strange textures the kids don't like, which in turn makes you try anything to get your child to eat!  Catherine offers a great assortment of advice and recipes when you are trying to make the right choices for your children (and your family as a whole!).

The first part of the cookbook is all about advice.  She starts out right at the beginning with feeding your baby their first foods, and what is best for them.  Then she moves on to the obvious concerns a lot of parents have these days, like "my child will only eat chicken nuggets" and other issues you may be facing with your own children.  And then there is the section on setting yourself up for success, to know what you should have on hand, and how to involve your kids so they want to eat what is good for them.

The second part of the book is the recipes.  It starts out with some wonderful first food recipes.  I think one of the best things that I did when my kids were just starting to try solids was getting out the stick blender and making my own baby foods.

This cookbook isn't just about babies though, no definitely not.  It has an amazing selection of recipes for the entire family, from breakfasts, sauces, snacks, dinner, and even desserts and drinks, there are some wonderful recipes available.  The thing I really like about all of these recipes is the fact that I can include my 2 and 4 year olds in the process.  They both love helping me in the kitchen, and having tasks available for them to do is really great.

We have a couple favorites that we will be coming back to again and again (and possibly have already...).  The first being the cinnamon-honey popcorn.  We are big popcorn eaters in my home...ok...well it is really me, I am the big popcorn eater.  I typically make my own popcorn on the stove, and the kids love it, so when I saw the addition of honey and cinnamon to the mix, I knew my kids would be ecstatic.  So I popped up a batch of this popcorn and we sat down to watch our Christmas movie of the day.  The kids were so excited to have something besides butter on their popcorn, and I have to say that I agreed.  This was a delicious mix of spice and sweet!

Our other current favorite is the banana-corn fritters.  Honestly, I was surprised that this recipe had no sugar.  I don't cook with a lot of sugar, but I have never made a sweet recipe where the only sugar added was the fruit.  But, the bananas in this fritter made it just sweet enough.  My husband declared them his favorite thing ever.

Overall this is an amazing cookbook that I think any family would be able to use, no matter what the age of your kids.  And lucky for one of you, Catherine has offered one copy of her new cookbook.  Please enter using the rafflecopter below.

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  1. I love this cookbook, great recipes! Also love the pics of the adorable Helpers! So so cute!

  2. We make pumpkin chocolate chip bread. My 2 and 3 year old boys do the mixing for me

  3. My kids always enjoy making the cookies and candy and the holiday time for family and friends because everyone looks forward to it all year and and my kids are happy to be apart of my cooking/baking and learning some of old family secrets. Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Holidays

  4. We love making cookies together!

  5. homemade pancakes with chocolate chips

  6. I love to make cupcakes with the kids!

  7. Grilled cheese or peanut butter and pickles or jelly =D

    Kaci Guis.Harrison


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