figuring out DVD storage

It seems like I have been battling with DVD's for a long time, and before that VHS.  Although, unlike my very good friend, I have now replaced all of my VHS tapes except for graduation videos. :-) My house has a bit of a challenge in having no closets.  The built in bookcase is filled with books, so I have had a struggle trying to figure out where to put the movies.

Last year when I organized my armoires, I alphabetized all the movies in one of the drawers.  This was a great solution.  Well, it was great until Jack learned how to open the drawer and then also learned how to remove all the DVD's from the cases while I was out of the room.  This meant that all the DVD's were then put in boxes and removed from any area accessible to children.  But now, my children have learned to climb over gates, so nothing is safe anymore!

My latest idea I think is the best yet though.  I wanted a way to store all the DVD's easily, without having to use a lot of space.  We have already pared our DVD collection down probably as low as we will.  Even though I am sure I don't really need Center Stage or Willow in my home collection...I will be keeping them.  My great idea?  I threw away all the cases.

I now have all of my DVD's alphabetized in a couple of CD cases.  The small CD case holds the Wii discs that we own.  I felt so much better getting rid of all those cases!  I know that some of them were nicer cases, but at this point, I don't really care.  If I want to watch a movie, I watch the movie, I'm not looking at a little booklet that comes with the movie.  This also meant that I finally got rid of all of my CD's.  I just hope when my computer dies I can get all of my music off of it!

All nice and compact, and they can go right in my TV cabinet with no trouble whatsoever.

What do you do with your DVD's?  Have you gotten rid of them all in favor of only online viewing?


  1. D had all of his in cases like that and it made it really easy. We kept them in a storage ottoman in the living room. I only own like 5-10 DVDs so they're just in the cases in the bottom of the TV cabinet. I bet it felt great to complete though--like a big check-off! :)

  2. Great ides! My parents did this and it saved tons of space. Then again, won't you miss Val Kilmer's face staring back at you when you watch Willow????

  3. Our dvds are in a closet - my husband built shelves in there specifically to house them. I love that they are out of sight!

  4. What a great idea! We have ours alphabetized on a bookshelf in our basement currently. I'm sure once we have children we will need a new system


  5. You need Willow! I love that movie :)

    We don't have too many DVDs, so ours just go on a shelf beside our TV. If I had as many as you, I'd definitely do the binders and get rid of the cases. That's how my brother does his as well.


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