New Year, New Opportunities!

I am a little flabbergasted that it is already 2013.  I don't quite know what happened to 2012, it seemed to pass me by so fast I'm not entirely sure what happened!  With each new year, I realize how short they seem to be, and I always have a renewed spirit to accomplish all those things on my list to live my best life, and help my family do the same.

This year I plan to spend a lot of time improving on what I started last year.  I started a new way to organize my day last year, and it works really well...when I use it.  I had been attempting to use this sheet in the morning, when I was able to wake up before my kids for my quiet time.  However, I think that a better idea is to fill out this sheet the night before.  My mind works a little better in the evening, and I think having this page already filled out will make it a bit easier to manage my mornings.

I am also in the process of making my rooms work for our family.  I talked a little about this on Tuesday, since I spent some time re-organizing our school room.  I'm not sure that I will ever be able to leave everything in my home in the same place, but I am trying to find a better use of our space, especially with the lack of closets in the entire house.  I hope to spend some time going through Tsh's book Organized Simplicity, which I did last year at the beginning of the year as well.  It seems like each year I read this book, I get a little closer to the simple home that I am seeking.  I always have stuff to get rid of, and I always like to do a large deep clean.  Tsh takes each room day by day, but with littles running around and homeschooling to do, I tend to work on rooms for weeks at a time.  Not the most pleasant thing to have to live with while I am organizing, but when it is done, I feel so much better!

I haven't really made a list of resolutions for this year, which is something I almost always do right after Christmas.  I think the fact that Christmas was on a Tuesday this year seemed to throw me off a bit.  I hope to spend some time this weekend really putting my thoughts down on paper, and evaluating how I want my year to go.

What about you?  Do you have any resolutions this year?  Any big plans?


  1. No real big plans. Our budget is very tight right now, so we're limited in projects or trips. I will do a garden though, and always try a new plant or two each year, so that'll be fun. Hopefully those squash bugs won't be as bad this year!

  2. Your goals for the year sound great! I am definitely looking forward to this year. It's a blank slate and I'm ready to start clean. My husband and I have some big plans for our homestead (indoors and out) so I'm excited for that :)

  3. You have excellent goals! I'm trying to get back on that path....the budget revamp is one immediate goal and then making the most of 2013!

  4. Love your plan to organize the day! Also love Tsh's book, which i have been re-reading too :-). Good luck with your plans and a beautiful new year!


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