The Bridesmaid Review

The Bridesmaid, by Beverly Lewis, is a wonderful book of love and hope for Joanna Kurtz.  She has been a bridesmaid several times, and is now in her mid-twenties.  The whispers have started that she will end up an unmarried woman, unfortunately seemingly led by her younger sister Cora.  She meets a wonderful man, Eben, and believes he is the one.  The problem is that he belongs to another Amish church in another state.

This book is a really wonderful love story.  It has a lot of depth of the characters, which I adore in a book (like most people!).  I felt so involved in Joanna's life, between her quilting bees, and her chores, and her relationship to her immediate and extended family.  It showed such a nice picture of the values of the Amish.

Overall I was incredibly pleased with this book.  I had one issue, which was the redemption of the younger sister.  I am sure that the author was demonstrating how a real Amish woman would forgive her sister, but for the majority of the book I wanted Joanna to yell or scream, or something!  Their reconciliation seemed too easy to me, but perhaps that is because I am not Amish.

I think that anyone who enjoys an Amish story will enjoy this book.  The dedication of the children to their parents was very admirable, and I can only hope that my children will feel the same dedication as they grow up!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in return for my review.  The opinions are my own.


  1. Oh, I just finished my first book by Beverly Lewis! It was called The Covenant and I really liked it. I want to read the sequel next.

  2. I popped over from Lisa's blog. Do you review many books? Would you consider reviewing my non-fiction book of short stories?
    I can send a hard copy or a gift kindle copy. If not, I understand. My email is

  3. Sounds interesting! I love character development so I'd probably like this as well. I read one book about how a woman left her Amish family (can't remember the name!) and it was really good.


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