snow forts

We got a huge storm this past weekend.  You may have heard of it, it was called Nemo :-)  My kids, both of them, are finally at the point where they would like to stay outside for long periods of time in the snow.  I'm not saying we never took the kids out in the snow, but they are more likely to stay outside now for more than 15 minutes!  And what should one do if you have huge snow drifts and a lot of time on your hands?

Build snow forts of course!  My husband actually dug this out for the kids.  I have to tell you, all of my mama instinct was saying "this is going to cave in on them!"  However, my husband squashed my fears by digging more of a snow tunnel, which I felt much more comfortable with!

The kids loved it!  They were so excited to be outside and climbing huge snow banks, I am not entirely sure it really mattered that it was a snow fort.  They then went down the street to my mom's house.  She has a huge snow bank that the plow truck made plowing her driveway.  They spent a good part of Sunday sliding down the snow bank, and climbing through the snow tunnel.

It was awesome to see them enjoy the snow so much, especially when I sometimes question the winters that we endure here in Maine!  I know it will be short lived.  We are supposed to have temps in the 40's this week.  But, while it is here, instead of wishing it away, I am going to embrace it!  Let my inner child out and have a good time.

What fun winter activities are you doing these days?  Do your kids love the snow, or prefer to watch from a window?  Or do you not have snow at all?!

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  1. It must be a guy thing, my hubby was out there too.......digging and tunneling. The kids loved it! You got some great pics, certainly looks like some happy, beautiful children! We have been ice skating lately but now that we have snow, may try snowshoeing, one the thrill of simply playing wears off.....and it may never :)

  2. Oh wow. We don't ever get that much snow here - but that sure looks fun!

  3. Oh I miss building snow forts when I was a kid!!
    I must admit that I built a snowman last snow fall - not this time around though - I stayed snowed in, in doors, with my pajamas on and a cup of tea!


  4. That is so awesome! I'd love to play in a snow fort! Looks like they had a great time :)

  5. What fun! I wish we had gotten as much snow here in Maine ;-)
    Here from the Hop!

  6. Haha looks awesome! Glad the kiddos were able to get out in it ;)


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