about those signs of spring...

It has been warming up quite a bit, and with that, the snow is melting.  But, don't tell my kids that they can't go sledding anymore because of no snow!  No, I spent a good part of the morning dragging my kids in sleds over our still frozen ground.  They had a blast, and I got a great workout in!

Of course it seems like my talk of spring came too soon!  We look to have a nice big snow storm today and tomorrow!  But, the sun is warmer, and I know it won't stay forever.  My kids are probably going to get their wish for one more romp in the snow!

We will continue to start seeds indoors this week.  Emma has picked out several types of flowers that she wants to plant, so we will get working on those!  She should have a beautiful flower garden this summer by the time she is through :-)

What are your kids doing this week?  Is winter still hanging on in your area?

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  1. I've been searching for signs of spring! LOL Winter seems to be lingering though. :sigh: Today, we're supposed to get 14-18 inches of snow.

  2. It was cold and rainy here yesterday - chilly and windy today. But the sun is shining at least!

  3. How funny! It is pretty nice here today. Partly sunny and in the 50s, so I can't complain. Could be much worse!

  4. We got another 7 inches or so of snow today. I cannot say I am happy. The only good thing is that it will hopefully not last.

  5. Cute picture! :)
    Winter is gone, gone, gone here in the high desert. We are supposed to be in the mid-to-high-70s for the next week.


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