Easter recap

We had a wonderful Easter this year!  The Easter Bunny definitely outdid himself with a huge Easter Egg hunt for these two beautiful babes.

We enjoyed a great morning at church, and then came home to a beautiful afternoon of playing outside (while mama cooked our Easter dinner!).  It is amazing to me to watch how excited my children get from such small things as an Easter egg hunt, and new pencils.

Every year the kids get older and it is hard to see how fast they grow, but each stage is so exciting and new!  Now my daughter is growing into a little lady, and my little man is becoming his own unique person, and I realize that every stage of parenting is different, and every stage is my favorite!

We enjoyed a very nice long weekend of searching for the perfect Easter shoes, and dying Easter eggs, egg hunts and delicious food.  It was incredibly simple, but so much fun!  These are the memories that I want my children to treasure as they get older.

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter weekend as well!  Do you have a favorite stage of parenting?  Or is each new stage as exciting?

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  1. The way the holiday should be, I love the simplicity of a quiet celebration with close family! There is nothing like it!

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  3. That sounds like a great Easter! I bet it is so fun with kids. I know with my nephew he is growing up so fast (almost 3 years old) and it is so awesome to see how his speech is developing and how he is becoming his own little person.


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