Green Week yarn along

This week is Green Week at Townsend House, where I am spending some time talking about attempting to live a green lifestyle - which is different for every person.

What I really like about knitting (and sewing) is that they are useful skills.  I love that I can take a ball of yarn and make a beautiful hat (or a not so beautiful hat), and that it is something that my kids will use, or something I will have for myself or a friend.  I think the slowness of knitting (and my knitting is incredibly slow!) is such an important reminder to take a step back and slow down.

This week I have been doing just that, slowing down.

I started a new book, Firefly Island, which seems really good so far.  A mystery and a romance all wrapped up into one.  Definitely my cup of tea!  And I am still in the very beginning stages of a lovely shawl for my mom.  I think she will like it when it is done - if it gets done :-)  While I enjoy the slowness of knitting, sometimes I wish I was a bit faster at it!  Perhaps if I could knit more than a couple rows at a time, that would help?

Joining in with Ginny, Nicole, and Tami!


  1. The fact that it looks like you're reading outside on a sunny day makes me very happy! :)

  2. yes, agreed with the pace of knitting. i enjoy it even if i don't knit fast, but it would be nice to finish projects faster from time to time! love that shade of blue!

  3. I also thoroughly enjoy the slowness of knitting. :)

  4. Yes slowing down and getting to appreciate hand work is life-changing.

  5. Lovely color!

    This week I'm participating in KCBW4:

  6. It is good to slow down every once in a while :)

  7. My knitting is slow too which is why I prefer to crochet! LOL!! Love the color of the shawl! :)

    1. I can't seem to get the hang of crochet! Maybe I will try again and hopefully have better luck :-)


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