I have a 5 year old!

I honestly can't believe I have a five year old!  We celebrated Emma's birthday with a little friend party this past weekend.  Well, somewhat little.  This is the first time we have ever done a friend party, and I knew that I wanted to keep it simple.

The only real requirements I had were balloons and flowers.  Emma absolutely adores flowers, and is so happy every time her dada brings home a bouquet for her.  He picked up a special arrangement, and she loved it.

I went the buffet route for the food, opting for croissant sandwiches for the adults and pb&j for the kids, fruit and veggie trays and a delicious pasta salad my mom made.  There were also the requisite crackers and cheese and some chocolate covered pretzels - yum!

The party wasn't very long.  Everyone arrived, the kids played for a while, then they opened their little bag of favors, lunch, more playing.  The kids did a great job entertaining themselves with a balloon parade and playing bat the balloon - the balloons were a definite hit as was the scavenger hunt that Emma's uncle put together on the fly.  The kids were all talking about it at church the next morning!  We also had a craft of decorating masks, and then presents and cake.

beautiful Sydney and Emma striking a pose!

It was such a wonderful time, and Emma continued to show so much excitement the entire day.  Constantly telling us that this was the best birthday ever.  There were a lot of smiles and laughs, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Spring is a very busy birthday season for us!  Do you have any spring babies in your home?


  1. Such a fun and festive party! Everything was perfect and you have one beautiful 5 year old, inside and out!!!! You were cool, calm and collected, great work :)

  2. that fourth photo down is precious! happy birthday to your sweet girl. My daughter was born in April and my son was born in May!

  3. She is a beautiful child, looks very grown up in that second to last picture! Keeping it simple is always a good idea when they are that young. :)

  4. Emma is so cute! She has such lovely features and her eyes are so big and beautiful! The party looks like it was a hit - congrats! Happy birthday, Emma!


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