the state of the garden

Last week I talked about how well my garlic is doing, but I didn't really talk about the rest of the garden.  This is the back part of our garden.  Without fail, every year the garden is a weedy mess.  But, this year seems to be crazy.  I should be happy that it seems to want to grow a bunch of weeds - ie it must be incredibly healthy soil for when our seeds and seedlings go in the ground.

I think there are several reasons that are all probably contributing factors to this crazy overgrowth.  The first being that we had a good couple weeks of sunny warm temperatures, followed by several days of rain.  Another factor is probably the horse manure that we put on the garden every fall.  There are plenty of weed seeds that make it through, and while it is great fertilizer for the garden, I don't know how to do away with the weeds that inevitably come from it.  And then there is the whole part about how I stop weeding about two thirds of the way through the season because I can't take it anymore!

This week will be filled with me digging up all of these weeds and feeding them to the chickens.  Then I hope to combat this problem in the future by laying weed cloth down.  I also hope to get some raised beds put together.  I don't necessarily want "raised beds" but I do like the definition of the rows lined by wood.

The week looks to be sunny and cool, so it will be perfect weather to be outside working.  I'm sure my chickens will be happy to have the greens as well.  Even though I like to think they are "free range" we have had to keep them in their fence due to some neighborhood dog problems.  And while they love the left over salad that I give them most days, I'm sure they could use more greens in their diet!

And to all of the lovely people who have already planted loads in their gardens, I will remind everyone that we plant late, like Memorial Day weekend late (or later!).  So I still have plenty of time to get things ready before I need to get seeds in the ground.

What is going on in your garden?  Does it turn to weeds every year?  

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  1. What about putting extra straw or leaves down for the winter? I use fall leaves from the trees every fall when I put the beds to rest and it definitely stops weeds from growing and then the leaves get tilled. (The one lower bed that I didn't do this in this year is now a weedy mess--will be covered with straw shortly and not used at all this year....). Do you till the beds? I can't remember, sorry!

    And I just checked today, my lil salad leaves are just starting to come out of the soil from seed and I saw one lil green bean popping up too.

    1. Last year I put down all the bedding from the chicken house into the garden when we cleaned it out. It covered it pretty thoroughly, but clearly not enough. About 1/3 of the garden is totally fine and weed free - and that is where I had put the chickens in the fall, until they started jumping over the fence that is :-)

      This year I think I will have to put the chickens out and then do a really thick layer of leaves - maybe cardboard too. We do till every year though :-)

  2. Mine is growing more grass than usual because my husband put some hay in it this weekend (even though I asked him not to). Sigh.

  3. Last year the garden was overtaken by weeds. It was crazy! So we revamped it this year and are going to put down some gravel (with cloth underneath) in between the garden beds. The chickens do love the extra greens!

  4. Yep, the weeds come back stronger every year in my garden! I hear you about just giving up after awhile, it gets overwhelming. Right now, there are tumbleweeds in with the asparagus plants. (sigh)

  5. Yes, weeds weeds weeds every year. But, it is kind of gratifying to clean it up.
    Our garden is doing well, I just got done pruning everything. We gave a ton to our friends, which is so fun!!!!

  6. we only just planted spinach and lettuce. We plant like you around memorial day. Lovely photos of your pre garden days :)

  7. Every single year. I've just been through the fun of turning all the beds and like every year before I talk big about over planting or mulching heavily or cloth but I never do anything about it.


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