the state of the garden...again

I have to say that the garden is looking 100 times better than it was last week.  I wasn't sure we would get all the weeds up!  But, with the next week looking like rain every day, and then the following week is when I typically get all of my plants in the ground, I knew that I had to get it done!

The rhubarb still has a ton of weeds that need to be pulled, but I did get to pick some of the first stalks of rhubarb this past week.  And I will be making rhubarb custard pie this week!  Perfect rainy day activity if you ask me :-)

The mound of weeds, next the rhubarb in the back, is actually the remaining compost from last fall.  I need to pick the weeds out from around there (or more likely have Matt use the weed whacker).  Then I plan to put pumpkins in that spot.  The love compost, and I am crossing my fingers that it will work!  Plus, being off to the side, when they start crawling I think it will be OK!

My garlic is still doing extremely well.  I planted in a different location than last year.  Last year something seemed to be eating the plant from underground.  The only thing I could think of was maybe moles, but I couldn't find anything about moles eating garlic.  Regardless of what it was, it ruined half of my garlic plants.  This year I have 44 plants, and it is really exciting to see something that I planted last fall, go through an extremely cold and snowy winter, and then come up in the spring.  Very cool to see nature at work!

You will notice that I have no peas planted, no lettuce or spinach planted.  Not even radishes.  I will probably try and plant all of those things when I put everything else in the ground, not sure how they will do, but I can always hope!

Any good rhubarb recipes you can share?  I have a ton, and my mom has 3 times as much, to preserve.

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  1. I have a rhubarb crisp recipe that was my great great aunt's that I'll try to post soon. Last year I turned my rhubarb into a jam and canned it, and it was the fam's favorite jam I made (even better than strawberry!)

    1. rhubarb jam sounds delicious! i think i might try that. and rhubarb crisp is a great idea, so much easier than putting together a pie. i wonder if that could qualify as lunch today...hmmm :-)

  2. Yay - wish we were closer, I love fresh rhubarb! I'm glad your garden is coming right along!!!

  3. I've never grown rhubarb and have never cooked with it either! I know my grandma loves to make strawberry and rhubarb crisp so that might be a good way to use up all your rhubarb.

    Last year our garden was overrun with weeds, so I'm trying to stay on top of it this year. It's my least favorite chore!

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    1. this cracks me up because I constantly bemoan how little land we have! thank you for changing my perspective a bit!

  5. When I make rhubarb compote, I always add some (burned) chalk/lime (I don't know the right English word). Here in Holland I go to the chemist and buy a few ounces to use specially for rhubarb. If you add a teaspoon full to a pot of cooked rhubarb, it starts to foam. That's the oxalic acid reacting with the lime. The reason why I do that? If there isn't much acid, you don't need a lot of sugar. But there needs to be some of the acid left, otherwise the taste is gone too.


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