garden update

My garden seems to be doing really well despite all the rain.  I don't see any pests yet.  Of course that doesn't mean they aren't there, it just means that I can't see them :-)

This week is typically the week I start to see the cucumber beetles and their very amorous mating rituals.  I don't see any sign of them on my potted cucumbers it is probably too early.  I am holding out hope though that they have decided to live someplace else this season.  I'm all for visitors, but the ones that destroy my plants are not welcome!

The one sign of damage that I have seen is on my pepper plants.  The leaves are all turning yellow and dying.  I know that it is because we have had so much rain, and not so much in the way of hot sunny weather.  It is still early though, and I hope they are able to bounce back.

This week looks like it will be warmer, mid-70's during the day and mid-50's at night.  This is a big change from the past couple of weeks where the temps at night have hovered in the low 40's.  I know that my plants are not huge fans of those temps.  Well, the lettuce and kale are totally fine with that, but all of my other plants are not happy.  I have also heard the rumblings of humidity, while not my favorite type of weather, I know the garden loves I will go with it.  And honestly, with winter seemingly lasting 8 to 9 months this past year, a little heat and humidity is welcome!

I remember a couple years ago that it rained all but two days in June, followed by half of July also in rain, and then no rain for about a month.  What a strange summer that was!  But, I am learning that I can't really expect the same thing every year.  It is incredibly interesting to see the differences and challenges each growing season.  I sometimes wonder if I will ever get ahead of this crazy gardening learning curve.

I recently heard something fascinating about gardening and farmers.  Say you want to grow potatoes, and you grow potatoes for 30 years.  That is only 30 chances to get it right.  If you are trying to learn a piano piece, you practice it hundreds of times to get it right.  I thought it was an interesting comparison, and not something I had thought of before.  It also made me feel a lot better about sometimes losing a lot of what I plant.

How are things growing in your garden?  Are you harvesting already?  Have you been gardening a long time?  If yes, do you feel like you have it all together?

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  1. Your Garden looks great! I'm excited to see the progress! Ours is off to a good start too I think...and all the rain helped the roots settle in and I have high hopes!

  2. I love that comparison- we've tried to grow in pots this and last year- last year was a flop. This year is going better (and is scaled down considerably)but I can't wait until we can plant in the ground! I've started a very fruitful worm bin so am hoping that the vermicastings helps the plants!

    I stopped by to tell you that I've nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award today on my blog :) stop by and see if you like! happy gardening!

  3. Ours is good. We have harvested everything wre going to get other than the tomatoes. The heats already killing everything. It's been over 100 this past week, so pretty much everything is starting to die.

    1. Wow! Over 100! That is insane to me. Are their hardier vegetables that you are able to grow with that heat? Do you garden more in the spring and fall? I'm so used to the cold here, and what I can actually get to grow in such a short growing season.

  4. I like your fascinating bit about gardening and farmers! I never thought of it that way, but it makes me feel a lot better! This is only our second year gardening out here, so we are still newbies. It's definitely a constant battle with the weather and less than perfect conditions. Seems like each year there's something new thrown at you.

  5. Maybe all your pests came this way! :) This is the first year I've had so many plants being eaten on, but I've decided just to let it be this year. My peppers are the same and my basil is almost demolished. Half my strawberries are eaten by the slugs/worms before I can get to them. Carrots and cukes didn't come up this year so might try to reseed. Zukes, peas, beans are doing great though! And everything else is slowing coming on.


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