vacation recap

We had the most wonderful vacation last week!  Well, we didn't go anywhere, so I guess it was definitely more of a staycation, but it was still wonderful.  This is the first full week we have had off as a family since 2011.  I have to say that it was much needed and well deserved.

The plans did end up changing quite a bit based on a very cold and rainy start to the vacation over Memorial Day weekend - ie I didn't get the planting done in my garden that I had planned and had to wait until the middle of the week.  But, it was so nice to be able to relax, to sleep in, to let the kids play outside all day in the sprinkler and go for walks as a family.

Sometimes I think that this type of vacation is better than actually *going* somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE going places on vacation, but I feel like I really needed the down time this time around.  And I think the kids were happy to just have their daddy around to play with all day.

I was slightly concerned that the kids would want to do a bunch of things.  But, I seem to forget sometimes that they are still very little at just 2 and 5, so their idea of doing usually involves trips to the library, playing outside in the mud and finding new bugs to put in my canning jars for science experiments.  I have to remember to not take these days for granted and enjoy the little joys in their lives.

Now we are back to our regular days, and it has been a bit of an adjustment for the kids.  I think waking up to rain on the first day back from vacation, well it really put the nail in the coffin that vacation was over :-)  They were looking for daddy who had left for work before they were up this morning.  But, we were able to bounce right back into school and by the afternoon everyone seemed fine.

The rest of the week looks incredibly nice though, not the mid-90 temps we had last week, but sunny and in the 70's, so I see a lot of walks and weeding in our future!  The rest of the summer we plan to do a lot of hiking and hopefully camping as well.  Maine really is the most amazing place to be in the summer, near perfect weather, and lots of fun outdoorsy things to do!

Do you prefer to go *away* when on vacation?  Or are you able to relax at home as well?  Have you tried a staycation before and tried to plan interesting things to do and see in your area?


  1. Sounds like a really nice week.

    Seems like a huge chunk of my spare time right now is tied up in weeding the garden.

  2. Staycations are really fun :) It's usually the only type of vacation we can take since it's so hard to get away with all the animals needing daily care. Glad you enjoyed your time!


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