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I feel like I have made so much progress this past week on the shawl!  I am getting to the end of my first skein of yarn, so that is something!  I think I will probably end up using 2-3 more skeins to get it the length that I would like.  The pattern is becoming easier for me to work on, and I am working a bit faster when I am working on the rows - always a plus in my book!

I am already thinking about starting something new though.  I can feel the change in the air (yes, that happens this early in Maine - unfortunately!).  It has cooled off immensely the past couple of days, which makes me think about fall, which in turn reminds me about how long it takes me to get my holiday knitting done.  Plus, my kids are getting bigger (funny how that happens!) and the things that I knit them every year are starting to take longer to work through, and new patterns are needing to be found.  I would like to finish this shawl soon, but it might be worked on periodically among many other projects that I end up casting on!

As for the book, Tempted, Tested, True; well I haven't started it yet.  It is a book from Bethany House that I need to review.  It looks interesting though.  Reading through personal stories of struggle helps you learn from others mistakes.  From the back:

Using real-life stories and information gathered from over 100,000 surveys, Tempted, Tested, True gives you a step-by-step process for resisting harmful choices through the power of God's Word.  This book will show you how to live in the freedom God wants for you.

I am starting to go through my canning books too.  It is that time of year!  I'm sure a lot of people have been working on preserving for winter already, but all I have done is frozen some rhubarb.  I had planned to use it for strawberry rhubarb jam, but didn't get any strawberries this year, so I think I will instead make a rhubarb sauce that will be a perfect fit for ice cream.

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  1. The shawl looks great, love that pattern! Yay for canning books too, love it when I start seeing the jars stacked high in the stores!

  2. here in PA there isn't a change in the air, BUT there is a change in my heart :) I am more than ready to be knitting for the fall and have started, why not? Love the scarf!!

  3. strawberry rhubarb jam is my absolute favorite, brings me back to my childhood of making it with my mom.

    That is a beautiful pattern, can't wait to see it finished.


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