my garden in pictures

There is a definite shift in the air, and the garden is winding down.  There are still a lot of green tomatoes and my winter squash and pumpkins are going strong.  Some cucumbers and zucchini, and some green beans as well.  But, I know that it is slowly coming to a close!  I want to get out and do another planting of lettuce, but I am not sure I will get out there.  I have a lot of food inside the house that needs preserving.  I am slowly moving out of the garden and over to the stove!

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  1. I'd love to have a garden to grow beautiful veg like yours!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! What a great gardening season, especially with our strange New England weather! Looks like quite a bounty! Yay for fresh veggies!

  3. our garden has not done well, I'm thinking it's been too gray and cool. But then I am not an expert so it's a guess. Glad you are reaping some lovely produce.

  4. All your squash looks great!! We definitely had some flops this year, but overall our garden did much better than last year. Sadly, we have only had one good output from our tomato plants and now they are all dying.

  5. Your garden is holding up so nicely! We had some very hot hot days here and I'm afraid it scorched my plants. We still have some survivors and they're holding on strong!!
    Beautiful garden!


  6. What is picture #5 under the kale? I have that also, but I forgot what It was.
    Thank You

    1. It is spaghetti squash :-) Absolutely delicious! Cut it in half, roast it in the oven with a little olive oil, and then scrape it out with a fork. It looks like spaghetti, and that is how we use it. Add some pasta sauce or pesto, or just a little butter and cheese. yummy :-)

  7. Beautiful pictures!! I am so jealous, I tried growing bell's sad, really, but it was a fail. So, I wish I knew the secret. Thank you for sharing :)



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