a day at the fair

Last week we had the opportunity to attend a local agricultural fair.  I have always loved going to the fairs in our area.  There is something about completely unhealthy fair food together with cute baby animals that just speaks to my soul!  When I was little I used to show goats with 4-H.  It was such a fun experience that I hope my kids will one day be able to enjoy as well.

When Emma was born back in 2008 we made the trip to the fair.  I was so excited to introduce my baby to something that I loved so much.  That year we decided to take Emma's picture in front of the giant pumpkin display.  It has become a tradition since then to take the kids every year to have their picture taken in front of those giant pumpkins.

It was a little crazy looking back on these pictures of the kids.  When Emma was just 3 1/2 months old and Jack just a few weeks.  And then to see the picture of what they look like today (including Jack's funny face - he wasn't mad but instead trying to make a silly face, and a random Celtics hat that we didn't move!).

The kids had a great time looking at all the baby animals.  We spent a very large amount of time in the poultry building looking at all the different chickens/ducks/geese/turkeys that were there.  The kids were excited about the baby chicks that were hatching at that time.  It is amazing to see how excited they get over the same things I am excited about.  And it makes me happy that we have these common interests - at least for now!

In the afternoon there were fair rides, fresh french fries with vinegar and salt, balloon characters that the kids "won" by playing games.  Overall, it was an amazing day.  By the end of the day we were all exhausted and the kids fell asleep by the time we got out of the crazy parking area.

We still have "the fair" that is coming up at the end of September.  We didn't make it last year, but it is my other favorite of the fairs that we have in Maine (and we have quite a few it seems!).  All Maine produced food and crafts, amazing tents full of information on everything crunchy you could think of.  Yes, it is definitely up my alley!

Do you have any agricultural fairs in your area?  Is it something your kids enjoy?

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  1. Oh my those pumpkins are huge. Imagine eating that

  2. I've never been to an agricultural show before. A new fair called "Flavours of Fingal" will be on next weekend. I may visit it after reading your blog post!

  3. Love those pictures and Jacks face is beyond adorable! Holy pumpkins!

  4. We are going to the local fair for our first 'field trip' and I even got the kids tshirts for our homeschool. We are so excited.

  5. I miss the fair. I used to love it...the animals, the produce, the quilts and knitting, the baking competitions. I took the kids a few years back and was greatly disappointed that it had turned into a money grab. Everything was plastic, expensive, loud, and school classes didn't even participate in the displays anymore. You are lucky to still have an "old-school" one near you.

  6. Wow! We don't grow them that big in England!

    You've got me inspired to look for an agricultural fair, though, anyway - thanks :-)


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