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where my kids like to go after we are done "school"

I can't believe that we have been in school for almost a month already!  It doesn't seem possible that we are already at the end of September.  I say it every day it seems, but time is flying by.  We are in a good rhythm right now.  The kids know what to expect, and as long as I make sure that there are lots of snacks available during our "school" time, we get a lot accomplished.

We mainly do school in the morning.  I have found that it is the best time for them to pay attention, and also we are able to accomplish a lot in the few hours that we dedicate to our book learning.  My kids are still so little, I don't want to put too much pressure on them.  I want them to enjoy the learning that we do, and I want to allow them the freedom to question things, and learn what is interesting to them.

Emma has turned into quite the little artist in the past month.  She has always really enjoyed drawing pictures.  But, we have gone from stick people at the beginning of school, to houses with people wearing actual clothes.  She especially enjoys taking one of her toys and then trying to recreate it on paper.  I think that is amazing - mainly because when it comes to drawing, I am just about at the stick figure skill level!

Jack is being incredibly patient every day.  I was not sure what to expect from a 3 year old, but apparently I can expect quite a bit.  He is very happy to sit and do his work box each and every day while I work a little more intensively with Emma on math and her reading.  He is mainly tracing letters and numbers as well as doing a lot of coloring.

The newest part of our school day is Emma to read one or two of her readers to Jack.  It is a time where they can sit together and enjoy each other, while Emma is still practicing her reading.  These, of course, are readers that she has already completed with me, not new ones.

Overall I am so happy with how the kids have been behaving and how much we are actually getting done.  I hope that it continues!

How is your school year going?  Are your kids coming home with lots of new ideas and skills?  Are you homeschooling?  How is your rhythm working for you?

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  1. Almost October?! Time is flying! I am thrilled that it feels like we are in more of a routine - just this week. It's taken a few weeks to get going here. They are both really loving it this year which is such a relief! Sounds like you are having great success and the kids are thriving, you couldn't ask for anything else! :)


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