{31 Days} Back to Basics Day 21

This month I am participating in the nester's {31 Days} challenge.  My topic for the month is Back to Basics.  If you would like to follow along youcan find all of my posts here.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, my husband and I made the decision to cloth diaper.  OK, we can be honest here; Matt had nothing to do with that decision.  In fact, he had never changed a diaper before our daughter was born.  So why not use cloth?  He knew nothing else to compare it to!  We are out of the diaper stage at this point, both of my children, thankfully, being potty trained.  However, starting with the cloth diapers made us decide to use cloth with other aspects of our home.

I found that we were spending an exorbitant amount of money on paper towels.  It seemed like we used them for everything, especially drying our hands, even though we had kitchen towels clean and available.  I tried hiding the paper towels so we would only use them for big messes, but it was too much of a habit to just grab them whenever we needed them.

I decided to stop buying the paper towels.  At that point in time we were looking for all the cost savings we could find since I stopped working to stay home with my daughter.  I picked up some wash clothes from Target for $1 and cut up some old shirts, and we just started using rags for everything.  Now, we do not have any dogs or cats that we need to clean up after, so I feel pretty comfortable using rags for all of our messes.

It was a bit of an adjustment at first, but now it is second nature, and we often forget to get disposable napkins or paper towels when we have parties or guests come over.  I would like to sew some nicer napkins to use for more formal occasions (like Thanksgiving and Christmas), but I have not quite gotten to that yet.

Do you use cloth instead of paper?  Is it something you would consider for your family?

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  1. We didn't cloth diaper but do try to use hand towels over paper whenever we can. Baby steps but yes, more environmentally friendly and cost effective!

  2. Hahaha...we use cloth napkins that I sewed up from some nice soft plaid flannel. We use them daily, but when company comes over they rarely know what to do with them, and ask for paper towels (once or twice until they get used to them). I do keep one or two rolls of paper towels on hand for "cat messes" and bacon grease. We use about 6 rolls per year (I know because I have to buy a package every spring, and 6 comes in a package). I would like to cut them out completely but for now, it works for us...I don't think I could get anyone else to go near cat spit up if they had to handle a cloth after.


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