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I am happy to report that I have made significant progress on Jack's hat.  Actually, I think if I could sit down for longer than a few minutes at a time, I would be able to finish it up.  I do love how fast hats knit up!  There is something very satisfying about a quick knit!  I hope to finish it up this week and get working on Emma's hat.

I was also able to go up to the yarn store a couple days ago and bought some new yarn.  I have not bought yarn for a long long time.  Actually, I think it may have been last winter that I last bought new yarn.  It was fun to take the kids and pick out what they wanted for hats and a couple other small Christmas presents.  Granted, Emma wanted to buy all of those fancy textured yarns that I have trouble knitting with...but we were able to settle on sparkly yarn instead.

As far as reading goes, I am looking at a lot of recipes at the moment - as I am sure a lot of people are with the Thanksgiving holiday coming next week.  I also just finished a great series with the kids called Travels with Gannon and Wyatt.  You can read my review here, and if you are interested, there is also a giveaway!  Great Christmas gift for kids!

I can't wait to see what everyone else is knitting and reading this week!

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  1. I love knitting hats, I just wish we had more cold weather so we could wear them.
    I was at the yarn store yesterday for yarn and had so much fun seeing all the different kinds, although like you I don't care to knit the specialty yarns.

  2. I am definitely in a hat mood these days, and have many ideas swirling around in my head. Love your stripes and glad you went yarn shopping always a mood lifter!

  3. I love the stripes! I need to get on the hat knitting myself. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. I think a lot of us are reading recipes this week. I love the sparkle in that Caron yarn. Very cool!

  5. A whole year without buying yarn? Is that possible??? :)

  6. I'm just starting my Christmas knitting and a red hat for my daughter is on my list. You should try the Boneyard Shawl. It is super easy and really fast.

  7. I haven't gotten brave enough to try knitting hats yet. And how in the world did you go a whole year without buying yarn? Do tell. I don't think I could.

    1. I had an awful lot of yarn in my stash, and I knew I needed to use it up! Now I am down to the little balls of left over yarn, and realized it was time to get some new stuff! I am a bit of a yarn hoarder ;-)

  8. I enjoyed knitting recently with some Patons self striping too - I like your blue!
    I also second the Boneyard Shawl for its simplicity.

  9. Ooh, Like the look of the sparkly yarn, can't wait to see the project :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  10. Love that stripey hat! I just finished one for the granddaughter but hubby mailed it off before I could get a picture. I swear I have enough yarn to last the rest of my life and some of it is over 20 years old! LOL!!

  11. The hat is looking gorgeous! New yarn is always a joy, sadly I will not be buying yarn for a very long time as my stash is now at ridiculous proportions!

  12. I like your new yarn, very impressed you've gone so long since you last bought some. I feel like a month is a long time for me :-S

    Cute hat, I like the stripes


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