no winter CSA this year

Several years ago when we started our journey to more local and seasonal eating, I was able to find a winter CSA share.  I think a lot of areas now have summer CSAs, but I think winter CSAs are not as common.  It is an amazing horse powered farm that gives us root vegetables, canned and frozen vegetables, and other preserved goodies (tomatillo salsa? Yes please!).

This year we decided not to do the winter CSA, not because we don’t love it, but just trying to save a bit of money.  I love the CSA model, but sometimes it is difficult to come up with a large sum of money at the beginning of a season.  So we are going to back off this year from the CSA.

I think that if it had been a couple years ago, I may not have been able to continue eating locally past what we preserved and stored for ourselves.  Luckily, that is not the case for us anymore.  Over the past year we have had a small local buying club sprout up in town.  The purpose of the buying club is to eventually become a store front downtown, a local market that offers an alternative to the grocery store.

Right now they have bi-weekly orders and pickups.  I really love the format though.  There is a website that we can go to and look at all the products available for this buying cycle.  Then we are able to put it all in our online basket.  When the order cycle closes, they take all the baskets of everyone who has ordered, and place the main order.

We have also seen a new local food market open up in our downtown area.  It is made up of local farmers.  They drop off their goods to the market, and a manager sets everything out.  It is pretty much like a grocery store, but on a much smaller scale, and with all local foods.  They also sell locally made crafts

I love to see how the local food economy has developed in my area over the past few years.  It started out with me searching for a farmers’ market within 30 minutes of my home, and now there are several CSA farms available, both summer and winter seasons; the year round farmers’ market, and the local food buying club.  We also have a couple of markets that carry local food as well; a fish market and a meat market.  Overall, I am really pleased with the amount of choices available, and it seems like there is an obvious demand – at least where I live – for locally produced food.

Have you seen your local food economy expand recently?

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  1. Like you, I would love a Winter CAA but have several local food options that are a bit more cost effective so we go that route. It's wonderful to hear you are getting more as well. I think more and more people are in on the "movement"!

  2. It is very encouraging to see this trend towards eating locally! We have year-round Farmer's Markets here with access to local meats and fresh produce, I love it! :)

  3. Heather,
    I recently attended a local foods summit put on by my county, where the goal was to get folks to pledge to eat 10% local. That seems a small amount to me, considering all that we do eat locally, but it's a good start for someone who has never considered it. (Not sure that type of person was in attendance!)
    I've been fortunate to have Fall CSAs extend into December, but have never done a winter CSA. Honestly, with all the putting up I do of the produce we don't eat each week, and the Strategic Winter Squash Reserve, I don't need a CSA until about March. I appreciate the break from the weekly influx of fresh veggies that I must deal with or else.
    I like the idea of a buying club--that's wonderful to have so many options!


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