paper mache

Ah Paper Mache; the incredibly messy craft that children love.  I haven’t done a lot of Paper Mache with the kids, actually I have not done it at all.  Matt did suggest they do it one Saturday afternoon, and I told him how to do it, and he did it – albeit we did not have all the right supplies at the time, but he made it work!

What you need:

Strips of newspaper or other paper

You will want to make a paste with the flour and water.  I have read different things, but what seems to work best for us is a thicker paste, about the thickness of pancake batter.  Then you will want to dip your strips of newspaper into the paste, and then smooth them onto the balloon.  You can also use cardboard for this, or any other type of sculpture you may want to Paper Mache.

This would be the part the kids enjoy the most, dipping the paper into the paste.  Sure, you could be a lot neater at this by using a paint brush, and a bit thinner paste.  But, the kids really enjoy getting messy, and I figure I might as well let them.  It keeps them occupied for longer J

Once you are done covering your balloon, you will want to hang it up and let it dry.  It can take a long time to dry.  Then when it is dry, you can pop the balloon and paint away.  Another extremely messy activity for my kids, but one they absolutely love.

Do you make paper mache?  What projects have you made with it?

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  1. I paper mâché about once a year. I made Sydney's piñata this past birthday. I think I can only handle once a year though, it's so messy! Kids love it though!


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