planting garlic - 2013

Do you plant garlic?  I have for the past couple of years, and I have to say it is probably the easiest thing to plant.  You plant it in the fall, cover it with mulch, and let it sit over winter.  Then uncover it in the spring when you see the green coming up.

Last year I planted my garlic the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I guess that might seem late, but the ground was not frozen yet, so I was not too concerned.  I read somewhere that you should plant in mid-October, but considering the CSA farms I frequent do not seem to follow that time line, I figured I would be fine, and I was. 

All of my garlic grew really well last year.  Some of the heads were smaller than others, but I think part of that was the type of garlic I was growing, and also that I may have pulled it a little early.  The other issue I had was that the soil seemed to be a little more clay then I had realized when I was planting.

This year I am planting in a different location.  It seems like every year I dig up more of the yard for garden space, and this year is no exception.  I just hope there is enough sun in this spot.  I am planning on using the chicken bedding as part of the mulch, I think it will work out really well.  At least that is my hope.  I figure everything with gardening is an experiment at this point.  Maybe when I am older I will feel like I have a handle on planting, but for now I am just winging it!

To plant the garlic, break the cloves up from a head of garlic, and plant the garlic with the pointy side facing up.  Cover the garlic with dirt, and then with a thick layer of mulch.  Let it sit until spring.  You will end up pulling the garlic in mid to late July.  There are not a lot of pests for garlic either, which is a nice bonus!

Have you tried planting garlic before?  If you haven’t, you should!  It isn’t too late!

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  1. Looks like an easy thing to do and we love garlic! Thanks for this tutorial!

  2. Wonderful! I just planted my garlic two days ago and mulched it well. This is my first crop. I'm hopeful.


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