preparing for holiday craziness

I would love to say that I have some amazing tips for not getting stressed around the holidays; unfortunately, I don’t have anything profound to say on the subject.  I realize that every year I get super stressed in December.  We have a lot of family commitments, as well as other smaller things that we want to do, and it all turns out to be very busy and stressful!  Every year I say that I am going to make this season better, less stressful.  It has been a slow process.

I think this year I am giving myself a lot more space to do what we want to do.  This year we will be celebrating Christmas after Christmas with my husband’s family, which is a big relief, especially with Thanksgiving being so late this year.  When there are only 2 weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas with my husband’s family, it gets a little insane trying to finish everything.

This year I am also backing off on homemade gifts.  I love homemade gifts, but unfortunately my wrist issues during the summer put me way behind on the list of knitting projects I had.  I will still be trying to make some things, but definitely not as many as I would really like to make.  I think that in order to make all the things I would want to make, I would have to start on January 1st and go through the whole year!

What am I going to do about all the craziness?  Breathe.  I have to remember that I love the holidays.  It is my absolute favorite time of year.  So I will be doing deep breathing when I realize that I have nothing wrapped, and half of my presents are still in the store yet to be picked out! 

What strategies do you use when the holiday craziness begins?!


  1. I think deep breaths is a great holiday too actually! It's a process for certain. I get stressed too but have learned to focus on what's most important. Baby steps - especially when everyone has their own agenda this time of year!

  2. I guess we are old enough and the kids are old enough now that we don't have much stress. I still kinda stress over what to do for hubby every year though... :)

  3. I have to remind myself that the holidays will come whether I am ready or not and that they will pass and it all will be okay! Darlene


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