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Today is Election Day!  No, not that one.  The Presidential election is not until 2016 – although I am pretty sure they started talking about who would be running on November, 7th 2012, the day after the last Presidential election.  It is not even the “midterm” elections we have been hearing so much about lately.  Nope, today is just a regular old Election day; a day where we can voice our opinions on issues that probably hit a lot closer to home – local elections.  It could be bond issues, people’s veto, direct initiatives of the State Legislature, and even more local issues related to your specific town or city.

I vote every year now, in every election.  It was not always that way for me.  When I turned 18 I was able to vote in my first Presidential Election, and I did.  And I voted at the next Presidential Election, but that was as far as I took my voting.  I did not familiarize myself with the local issues until I became pregnant with my oldest.  After my month of Back to Basics I realized that I could pinpoint almost all of my life changes to being pregnant with my first child, funny how kids can do that to you!

When my daughter was born, I took her with me to vote.  I wrapped her up in the Moby and I walked to my polling place.  And since then, every election day, twice each year, I take my kids to vote.  I explain exactly what we are doing and why.  I also let them know that it is a great privilege to vote, but also our duty in order to *try* to make our country a better place.

I try not to be political in this space, trust me, you do not want me to go there, but I feel like I am unable to instigate change if I don't at least exercise my right to vote.  Showing my kids the great responsibility we should all feel in voting is extremely important to me.  I want my kids to grow up to have a voice and to be able to say what they believe through their vote.  If you do not bring your kids to vote with you, I highly recommend it.  It is a great experience for them, and another learning opportunity – we all know that we, as parents, are constantly looking for those learning opportunities for our children!

Do you take your kids to vote?  Have they become interested in the goings on of your local community based on what they have seen through voting with you?

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  1. I always take the kids to vote with me, it's an experience that offers a chance to educate plus they have an interest so it's good to encourage an understanding of the political process! It has been challenging at times but important!


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