winter hats

Every year, since they were born, I knit my kids a hat.  Every year it is the same hat.  And I love the pattern.  Super easy to make, and easy to make bigger for when their heads grow!  This year is no different.  I am knitting them hats again.  

One thing that I have not totally loved about the hats that I knit is the ear coverage.  It seems like no matter how long I end up making them, the hats do not cover the ears that well.  I think that is more from my husband’s point of view, but I decided I should try to fix it.  What is my solution?  Making a hat with ear flaps.

This is not something I have tried before, but it can’t be that difficult, at least that is my hope!  I still would like them to be able to wear these hats this winter.  And considering it is already cold out, and the hats from last year are pushing it size wise, I better get down to business!  My plan is to knit my hat as usual, and then attach some ear flaps to it.  That is something I think I can manage...whether it will look good, well I'm not certain yet :-)

Reading this week is Pray the ScripturesSo far so good.  Of course I have quite a few books to get through if I am going to make it to my 100 book goal by the end of the year (ha!).  Actually, I think that not updating my book list has made it a little harder to track.  I know that I have read books that I don’t have on my list, but I can’t remember every single title…maybe I need to keep a paper list instead of an online list.  No matter how much I love technology, sometimes paper is the only way that I can keep things straight!

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  1. Such pretty yarn, perfect for your blue eyed babes! Good luck on the ear flaps, I know you'll do it and they will be great!

  2. I know how you feel. Since I decided to knit gifts this year I haven't done my usual mitten knitting for my boys and so there are a lot of lone mittens that they end up wearing mix and match.
    Beautiful yarn choice. Good luck with those ear flaps.

  3. That will be a great memory for Your little ones. The fact that Mom made them hats all the time. I'm knitting hats all the time. I luv it. My post also is about hats.

  4. Good luck with the ear flaps, they are really easy, I have instructions how to make them on my Earflaps and caps pattern (it is free, you can find it HERE )
    Marigolds' Loft

  5. I like the yarn you chose. Ear flaps will be great. I'm sure you can modify your pattern. What a good mommy!

  6. Love the yarn color! I have wanted to make my now teenaged kids some earflap hats (ya know the ones with the pretty designs on them) but, I have just not ventured yet to do that. I think it is wonderful that you make your kids hats each year. What a lovely tradition!!


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