Our Advent Season Tradition

Last year I wanted to find something really exciting and fun for the kids to do during Advent.  Growing up we always had the calendar, and my brother and I took turns opening the little door and getting the chocolate.  It was something we enjoyed a lot.  But, I wanted to take it up a notch.  I decided to have the kids decorate some brown paper bags and use them as "Advent bags" instead of an Advent calendar.

When I decided to do this last year, we had about 3 days for the kids to each decorate 24 bags.  It wasn't the best timing, but they decorated some of them, and then scribbled on the rest.  So this year, I decided that I would make this a November activity.  Instead of taking a few days to decorate all the bags, they had the entire month of November to decorate their bags.  It worked quite well for a craft that they could work on whenever they were up for it.  Jack mainly wanted to put his name on his and stickers, but he still had a good time doing it!

In every Advent bag goes a Bible verse (or a few Bible verses), a treat, and a little toy.  These are not extravagant toys, they are mainly little party favors you might get at a birthday party.  Little trinkets that the kids enjoy having and that they end up playing with for the whole day.  It is fun to get a new little toy.  Sometimes it is a matchbox car, sometimes it is playdoh.  The first day they received their ornament for the Christmas tree.

This is such a fun tradition for us though.  The kids love to come down in the morning and find their bag on the table to open.  Plus, it is wonderful to be able to have that quiet time with the kids in the morning reading and talking about their Bible verse and the reason we celebrate Christmas.  

Do you have any special Advent season traditions?

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  1. I love this, such a fun craft and tradition rolled into one! We have an advent calendar and a little online one that the kids love! Such a fun tradition!!!


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