cowls for the kiddos

I finished the scarves, woohoo!  I am really pleased with how they turned out, and I hope the recipients enjoy them.  It certainly is still cold enough to wear them, so that is a bonus!

I have now moved onto making a cowl for Emma.  It is in the same yarn as one of the scarves that I was knitting.  She was in charge of picking out yarn for the scarves, and also for her.  Apparently she really likes the pink sparkly yarn!  I guess I can't blame her, it is quite pretty.  I wish I could get a picture to show how sparkly it truly is.  I haven't done very many rounds yet, but it will eventually be in a basket weave pattern.  That is a pattern that I always like to go to when I am making something for Emma, it looks lovely on her.

As far as books go, I finished up Allegiant pretty much as soon as I started it.  It was a really great book!  I wasn't sure on the ending, and in fact I would have preferred a few things to be different, but overall, the series was great.  I think that the movies are going to be really interesting.  This is a series that I can see them definitely making three solid movies out of.

I recently started reading The Pleasure of His Company.  It is about cultivating a close relationship with God.  Honestly, I am using it more as a devotional than a book to just read right through.  It has some interesting stories, and the chapters are quite short, so it is easy to move through.

And I haven't done nearly as much reading as I would like in this past month because I have been binge watching the show Haven.  I was looking for a show that would appeal to my husband and also to me (does anyone else have that problem?!).  And I found Haven, the first three seasons are on Netflix.  I highly recommend it.  It is about an FBI agent that is sent to a little town in Maine, Haven, to search for an escaped convict, just to find out that this little town isn't what she thought it was.  Many of the people in Haven are troubled, they have these abilities, but don't know how to control them.  It is based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid.  I have heard that the book is completely different though.  Actually, I think that might be another book to put on my list.  Excellent show, and it was just picked up for 26 more episodes, yay!  OK, I am done being a dweeb for now :-)

What are you working on this week?  Do you have any amazing books to share?  Or tv shows to recommend?

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  1. sparkles!!! just the thing to brighten a dreary winter day!!

  2. The older I get the more I like cowls and how unbulky they are under a heavy winter coat, better than a scarf or shawl sometimes. Love the color you are working with.

  3. So so sparkly! I'm wearing a really bright cowl today and my colleagues have all been absolutely stunned and decided they may just convert from scarves to cowls. Fantastic idea.

  4. I'm with Emma, the pink sparkly yarn is AWESOME! I want some!

    I *might* be mildly addicted to Haven. I've been pretty sick this pregnancy (32 weeks today!) and have watched quite a bit of Netflix because of that . . . but I REALLY enjoyed that show. Once you finish the Netflix episodes, Hulu has a lot of the recent ones. (Or at least they did, I don't know how long they stay posted.)

  5. I love cowls! That pink is is one of my fav colors.

  6. Hehehehe pink and sparkly is awesome :)

  7. I met a little girl today with pink sparkly boots today. She needs one of these pink sparkly cowls!!
    How fun!


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