February 5, 2014

knitting and reading

I was completely surprised with myself this past week.  I knit up the kids cowls in two days.  Jack’s really only took me an hour.  It was by far the best project I have done in a while!  And, the kids were excited about them!  Emma hasn’t taken hers off since I made it for her, and that makes me happy considering these are also the kids that seem to think it is summer all year ‘round and there is no need to wear warm clothes, even if it is -10 degrees outside.

For Emma’s, it is just a simple basket weave pattern, k5, p5 for 5 rounds, and then p5, k5 for 5 rounds.  I am not sure how many stitches I started with.  It ended up being perfect for her to wrap around her neck twice.  She loves the pink sparkles, and so do I!  Even though I wanted to get a  wool that wasn’t as bright for her, she pressed me for sparkly pink.  I think she must have known deep down that I would need that bright color to knit with during all the cold dark winter weather we have been having.

Jack’s cowl is just a basic garter stitch.  I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of a pattern would be good for a boy’s cowl.  Most of the cowl patterns that I see are so lacy and pretty, decidedly not for a rough a tumble three year old boy.  I was happy with how it came out, although it definitely is not stretchy enough to fit him next year.  It also doubles as an ear warmer/head band type thing, which I am sure will be nice when it is a little warmer outside, but still chilly enough to want your ears covered.

I can’t lie, I was expecting these two cowls to take me quite a bit longer, I mean, all of my knits usually take forever.  But, with the start of our quiet time practice again, I have a bit more time to sit and knit if I choose to.  And that is what I have been choosing to do!  Now, I am not sure what to knit.  I will have to look at some patterns to see if there is something new that I can work on.  I have some spring/summer birthdays coming up, and probably should think about that as far as my knitting projects go…or maybe I will take a step out and knit something for myself!

As far as reading goes, I just finished a book called Cornerstone.  It is a young adult novel about a teenager who doesn’t realize her family is part of some great community of people that take care of all the life on earth.  I can’t write much about it without giving huge plot points away, but it is a good read, and I am ready to move on to the next book in the series.  I also think I am going to get the Colorado Kid by Stephen King and read that, since I have to wait until next fall before Haven starts up again.  I have heard mixed reviews, but still think it will be worth reading.  It isn’t long.

What are you working on this week?

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  1. I LOVE these cowls! Should I put two on order for Christmas 2014 now? ;)

  2. absolutely, these are already on my list for next Christmas :-)

  3. there is nothing like a quick project on the needles :) Both cowls look fantastic!!

  4. The cowls looks great one your beautiful babies!
    -10 outside? Wow, that is really cold. I won't share
    what my temps are today, but I wouldn't mind a little
    more cold weather here.

  5. The cowls came out great! I just love quick projects. I love how kids never seem cold. Our blood must really thin out as we age!

  6. My kids have something against clothes too. It wasn't a big problem when we lived in Canada and our apartment was always 80* but now that we live in TX our apartment gets cold. (It's kinda weird.) The cowls are awesome. And I say knit for yourself :)

  7. Love them. I wish my crazy guys would agree to wear a cowl, so much easier for them to manage than a scarf but they are having none of it, I'm lucky if I get a hat on them.

  8. Emma seems quite happy with her cowl. Looks like Jack will reluctantly wear his. I like quick projects. So much satisfaction.

  9. Cowls are so popular right now, and I'm so glad! Yours turned out so well and you have such cute models to show them off! How blessed!

  10. They are great! Fantastic that they knitted up so quickly. Hope they get lots of wear :)


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