some thoughts about this winter

What a winter we have had!  The snow storms and frigid temperatures seem to be alternating each other quite well.  Well enough that we don’t regularly try to venture past our front doorway to the outside unless we really need to.

This winter has been really tough.  The cold temperatures have been brutal.  I know, I live in Maine, I should expect this type of weather.  For some reason I feel like past winters haven’t been nearly as bad.  I keep thinking back to that winter we had a few years ago where it was warm in February, and downright hot in March (I planted my peas the first weekend in March that year – unheard of for my zone).

Then I thought I should look back at what last winter held for us at this point, after we just received another huge snowstorm, our third this week.  And this is what I found. 

I have been working really hard to change my thinking about what I perceive as negative situations.  Instead, I am choosing to look on the bright side – even though this winter has been brutal.  The sun is definitely warmer.  And because of that, the kids are able to get outside a bit more.  I am happy that they are able to be outside digging snow forts, and helping their dad make a mini luge to try with their sleds.

Spring is coming, I know that it is, and I am looking forward to when I can get outside and start digging in the dirt again.  In the meantime, I better think about starting all those seeds – especially the tomatoes!

How is the winter treating you?  Are you starting seeds yet?  Has it been an abnormally brutal winter in your area?

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  1. Those polar vortexes have been quite something. Here in Ireland we have experienced severe flooding this winter.

  2. I'm done with it all, although it's beautiful, I'm over it! Bring on Spring! That being said, my kids love it and look forward to sledding, ice skating and snowman building! That's what New England Winter childhoods are about :)

  3. While you guys up north are abnormally cold, down here in Arizona, we are almost 20 degrees above normal and in desperate need of rain! We are truly enjoying the warmth but the lack of moisture is troubling...


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