a very long march...

Well hello there!  No, I did not fall off the face of the planet.  No, I was stuck in the month of March.  But, since I see that we are now on the last day of the month, I felt confident in coming back to this space after a bit of a break.  I had been writing about balance before I abruptly stopped writing, and it was because of those balance posts I decided to take a much needed break.

This winter has been difficult.  It has been extremely cold.  Yes, I should expect this living in New England.  But, as the months wore on, it became a little too much.  So taking a step back from the blog was necessary.

What have I been doing these past few weeks?  Dreaming of summer of course!  We are so close, I can almost taste it.  Emma and I have been talking daily about the veggies that we want to grow in the garden this year.  I always like to involve the kids in the garden, but this year Emma seems to be taking a particular interest in what we are planting.  We have to make sure and plant as many purple veggies as possible, purple peppers, purple tomatoes, purple beans, they will all have a presence in the garden this year.  

We are thinking about chickens again maybe around Easter, maybe the beginning of May.  Whenever it is, my kids will be very happy to have baby chicks in the house again.  Matt wants to work on the chicken coop, give it a good clean out, fix the fence, try to make it more critter proof.  There are a lot of projects to be done around the ol' homestead.  Typically we have an opportunity to get outside in March and start on some of those projects, even if it is just for a couple days.  But, it hasn't happened this year yet, so we wait.  And our list gets longer.  But, I think once the warm weather arrives we all will be so excited we will plow through our chores and to-do lists to get to the fun of springtime and summer!

How has this winter treated you?  Are you moving closer to spring, or already in the thick of it?  I can see a lot of mud in our future here!

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  1. Winter has been wayyyyyy too much WINTER! We are also ready for planting, flowers and everything that Spring brings! :) Welcome back!


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